Could it be true there is a plan in Australia that just might change the way we meet our maker, theoretically?

In a huge Australian cemetery near Dandenong called the Bunurong Memorial Park, ground was broken. It was said that in a year, it is expected to host a different type of burial known as woodland and forest burials. This is where the body of the deceased is covered in a light covering or shroud, without the use of a coffin or headstone for marking the burial spot.

Rather than the traditional type of burial, after nature takes its course, families of the deceased will have the ability to track the body through the use of dime-size GPS tracker, which is protected in a capsule made of plastic and affixed to the burial covering or shroud.

The GPS tracking device stays embedded in the ground as the body and shroud decompose, allowing visitors to use an app on a smartphone or other electronic device to find the burial site. At the time of publication, there was no comment made by the cemetery.

It is thought that these types of burials are more environmentally friendly as opposed to being buried in a coffin or embalmed with chemicals. This green burial movement has gained some popularity in the United States and other countries.

According to Southwest Portland’s, Larry Hurst, people don’t need to be pickled with embalming fluid, which he went on to describe as being ‘poison in the ground’. He also said it wasn’t necessary to encase the bodies of the deceased in concrete vaults or use grave liners which are insisted upon by many cemeteries to keep the ground from sinking over time.

Although this green movement is new and still in its early stages, people working in the business of death are beginning to notice an increased interest of those who initially leaned towards cremation. Essentially, to them it’s a better option, allowing the body of their loved ones to be returned to the elements; much like compost.

The logic in this change is that while in past generations, the goal was to keep the deceased protected from the elements of nature by encasing them in coffins, today, however, some people are more open and becoming in favor of returning their loved one’s remains to the Earth sooner.

GPS fleet tracking is an essential part of managing a fleet driving team. Before this type of technology was in place, there were a lot of delays from drivers getting lost, cross-driving which took up valuable time, and the lack of availability of rush deliveries or pick-ups. That has all changed with modern technology. Fleet tracking allows better management of vehicles and drivers, and can greatly improve your response time.

Real-Time Tracking for Fast Deliveries

There may be times when you have a fleet driver that is on the road, and you get a call that an order has been placed near where that driver is located. If they have supplies already on the truck or are picking up items from that customer or client, you can send them instantly to that location. This provides nearly instant response time since you are tracking each truck’s whereabouts and can find the one that is nearest to the desired location.

Less Confusion About Directions

Getting lost used to be part of being a fleet driver, but it is much less of an issue with GPS tracking. The drivers are able to view detailed routes and driving directions right on the device. They have voice-activated features so drivers can listen to the directions and interact with the devices without taking their eyes off the road. They aren’t risking their safety by looking at a map, and the devices provide turn-by-turn directions. If there is a construction site or other detour issue, they can make a turn and the GPS tracking device will re-route the trip for them.

Instant Messaging Features

Many of the newer fleet tracking devices also include an instant messaging feature. This means a driver can get information about their next drop-off or delivery through the SMS messaging system in the device without having to pick up the phone. It keeps their eyes on the road when they use the voice feature of the messaging device. This speeds up response time for both the dispatch team and the driver.

The Ability to Reroute Vehicles Quickly

Another way GPS tracking helps to improve response time is by having the ability to view a map of drivers in real-time and re-route them from a remote location. While watching the drivers, you might notice that one truck is not going the most direct route or that they are about to head into an area with heavy traffic. If this is the case, you can remotely re-route their GPS device and the driver is notified of the change automatically. There is no messaging or calling needed. They are told new directions by the navigation device and will plan accordingly. This also helps in cases of schedule changes or if a driver has become ill and another on the road needs to take their place.

GPS tracking devices of fleet vehicles not only improve response time, but they make the entire business run more efficiently.

Special needs transportation services carry precious cargo to important appointments and destinations on any given day. Whether transporting special needs students to school or mobility challenged elderly people for medical appointments or shopping trips, the services you provide are invaluable to the community.

You provide valuable services to people within the community, but GPS fleet tracking allows you to improve the services you offer in many different ways, including those listed below.

Verify Timely Arrival of Passengers at their Destinations

Many special needs patients are transported to and from important medical appointments, school, and other non-emergency reasons. GPS fleet tracking allows parents and loved ones to track their charge to verify that he or she arrived at the appointment, school, or other destination on time.

You may even be able to create email or text message alerts notifying family members of the arrival and/or return home.

Plan More Efficient Routes to Maximize Service While Minimizing Expenses

GPS fleet tracking software can easily identify the most efficient routing for each trip, accounting for the time it takes to assist special needs passengers for loading and unloading. This creates more on-time arrivals while also helping to reduce the costs of transporting passengers.

It also helps to eliminate unnecessary overtime for your drivers by eliminating unnecessary mileage and ensuring that routes are planned with driver schedules in mind at the same time.

Create More Satisfied Passengers with Accurate Arrival and Departure Times

The ability to provide passengers with accurate windows to expect vans or buses for pickups or destination arrivals is a huge benefit to offer passengers and their care givers. It ensures that they are ready when the van or bus arrives and that they know the approximate time when they should arrive at their destinations.

This creates satisfied passengers who are not only willing and eager to use your transportation services again, but also willing to recommend you to other friends or family members who have need of special needs transportation.

Route around Traffic Problems for Timely Arrivals

Traffic jams, rush hour bogs, and accidents can cause painful delays for transportation services like yours. GPS fleet software helps you route around the slower traffic so that you can make your destination with minimal delays.

When you’re able to arrive on time every time, it’s good for your passengers who never need to worry about missed appointments, and your reputation as a special needs transportation business.

Stay Up to Date with New Maps

The other great thing about GPS fleet services is that they are constantly updating maps. This is something that just isn’t possible with paper maps and even routine GPS devices. Cities are growing and expanding all the time, with medical parks moving into neighborhoods that were cornfields mere months ago. The constant updating of maps means you don’t need to worry about not being able to find the location you’re looking for.

The bottom line is that your special needs transportation business can enjoy a massive upgrade from the simple addition of GPS fleet tracking services. Now is the perfect time to make the investment in the future of your business.

Do you own or operate a special needs transportation business? If so, give us a call here at LiveViewGPS at 1-888-502-3636 to learn how GPS fleet tracking can help your business.

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