In honor of St. Valentine, here’s a far-reaching story about love. A man does something special and unique with wife’s engagement ring by sending it out into space and tracking it.

GPS tracking devices have helped people track everything from packages and shipments to find potential thieves, to animals when using them for animal research and protection. The newest benefit to real-time tracking devices is to use them with objects sent to space. That is what Shawn Wright of Calgary decided to do.

Shawn originally bought a starter engagement ring when he proposed to his now wife. He didn’t have the money for a real ring, so he used an inexpensive one to propose to her on a romantic trip in Barcelona, Spain. She said yes, and wore the ring until he was able to purchase the ring he believed she deserved after a year of saving. However, he didn’t just want to give her the new ring the old-fashioned way. He wanted to do something special with it.

He decided he wanted to do something that would enchant the ring, which is how he came up with the idea of using a GPS tracking device. It took quite a bit of planning in order to fashion a device that could make it into space, as well as a way to retrieve the ring. While he knew the entire time that there was the risk of losing the ring for good, he still pushed forward and did all the research he could muster. Finally it was time to send the ring off.

Before he did, he attached a GPS tracking device and a GoPro so that he and his wife could watch its descent as it traveled all over. The ring and device was sent off in Calgary in October. The tracking device told him that the ring reached an altitude of 110,000 feet, landing about 300km away. He got an amateur radio license so he could use a radio GPS tracker to follow the ring and figure out where it was going in the world. He was keeping close track of the ring during the evenings and weekends, while still keeping the secret from his wife. He told The Weather Channel that he would tell her he was working late to not let the surprise slip.

He was eventually able to track the ring down and retrieve it. He not only gave his wife a new ring, but one with an out-of-this-world story behind it.

GPS fleet tracking has been around for a few years now, yet some businesses have been reluctant to embrace this type of service and the benefits it provides. If you’re one of the businesses lagging behind, you need to take a moment to wonder what it means for your business if your competition has these advantages and you do not. These are just a few of the benefits your competitors gain with GPS fleet tracking.

Improved Customer Approval Ratings

Not only does GPS fleet tracking allow your competitors to provide customers with accurate appointment windows, but it also gives them the opportunity to allow customers to track them, in real time, to see about how long it will be before their deliveries or service providers arrive. This makes customers really happy as it allows them to plan their days better. It also lets them feel as if your competitors care enough about the customers to allow them the ability to track their furniture, appliances, or furnace technicians in the cold of winter.

Eases the Burden of Fluctuating Fuel Costs

Chances are good that you feel every spike in fuel costs keenly. The dips are welcome but the spikes can be harmful to your business. While no business likes to pay more for the things that are necessary, fuel expenses are felt far less keenly when GPS fleet tracking is used successfully. Below are a few ways GPS tracking services are assisting your competitors when it comes to fuel costs:

  • Creates more efficient routes.
  • Reduces idle times by routing around traffic jams.
  • Reduces labor costs by eliminating crossover and limiting time drivers are in the field.
  • Provides reminders regarding routine maintenance to lower the costs of operating vehicles and extending their lifespans.

By reducing the amount of fuel consumed for these businesses as well as expenses in other areas, GPS fleet tracking insulates your competition from these cost fluctuations you feel so keenly.

Fosters Accountability Among Drivers

Not only does this lead to safer driving, fewer accidents, and lower insurance costs, but it also helps to raise public perceptions of your competitors’ drivers – and the businesses they represent. Aggressive drivers are bad for your public image. Competitors who are currently using GPS tracking services are able to get instant notification for certain acts by drivers that are unsafe or viewed as aggressive, including:

  • Hard Braking
  • Fast Acceleration
  • Speeding

This allows competitors to address aggressive or distracted driving among drivers and follow up according to their own discipline plans.

The bottom line is that GPS fleet tracking services allow your competitors to manage their fleets more efficiently. Just imagine all the great ways it can be used to help your business.

Two devices we recommend for GPS fleet tracking:  The Fleet Tracker OBD or the Fleet Tracker HW.

Want to learn more about what GPS fleet tracking can do for your business? Give us a call at LiveView GPS at 1-888-544-0494. We can even give you a quick demo!

The city of Boulder is considering attaching GPS tracking device collars on a few bears in the next year to figure out where they explore and what their habits are when they do show up in the town.

While at this point they are just exploring the idea, there is still an advocacy group that is concerned about the idea. This past November, Val Matheson, Boulder Urban Wildlife Conservation’s Coordinator, talked with the city Space Board of Trustees and the advocacy group, Boulder Bear Coalition about the plan which is still being introduced and might not even happen.

According to Matheson, it is time to collect data about the reason the bears are in town so they can concentrate their efforts in the right location.

If this study moves forward this year, five bears would be captured, tranquilized and equipped with GPS tracking collars. The Colorado Parks & Wildlife personnel would be involved.

The whole purpose of the study is to protect the health and safety of humans and so that bears don’t have to be put down.

There was a law passed in 2014 in the city that required homeowners who lived west of Broadway to use trash cans that were bear-resistant. All decisions based off that policy both future and present were based off unreliable information. There was no way of knowing if all bear sightings were being reported by residents.

Matheson said that the ordinance and policy about bears and their protection was based for the most part on voluntary information. It relied on the residents calling the information in and is believed that a large part of the community was not doing that.

The Boulder Bear Coalition’s founder, Brenda Lee, is not fully onboard with the project at this time.

She says she has some fairly big concerns about the project based off the information she has of it and wished the advocacy group was more involved in it since the beginning. There is risk in tranquilizing bears, she says.

She feels other less invasive methods could be taken in order to gain the same information such as putting up cameras where the bears roam. Paying more attention to where the bears are rummaging and which fruit trees are present should be focused on in the city, she says.

It’s essential that the Boulder Bear Coalition is on board all the way with this since their opinion is valued and trusted by the community, she says.

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