Some people will run in circles, go through hoops, and jump over obstacles to get a job. David Miller in San Francisco did them one better. He ran in text.

A long-time runner, he says he wanted to work for an “awesome company,” and Strava is the one he chose. He then needed to convince the company to choose him, among the many applicants for the job.

The Value of GPS Tracking

Miller installed a GPS route app on his mobile and ran through the SOMA neighborhood of San Francisco in the along a path he had pre-planned. It spelled out “Hire Me” when it was graphically displayed on the app.

The 8.1 mile route was no problem for Miller, who is registered for four marathons this year.

Did It Work?

Strava spokesman Michael Oldenburg is still silent on how effective the strategy was. He did say that “Strava art,”the company’s term for using the app artistically, is not unknown.

One jogger used it to run a marriage proposal. Another athlete created a turkey.

GPS as an Art Medium

Using the display has become a challenge for bored runners or those looking to up the challenge. It is so popular that an art exhibit ran from February to April this year in France at the Centre International de Poesie Marseille called Alpha, Beta, Carta. It was a display of letters, words, texts and sounds using GPS technology.

The website has a selected works from serious artists using the device to explore new realms of art making.

Alternative Uses for Your GPS

But what if you’re not artistic? Are there other uses for your GPS? It turns out this handy device has a variety of practical uses, each creative in its own way. Here are three.

Do you have a teen? Outsmart him! When he uses the car, check his speed by using your GPS teen tracking device. The device in your car sends speed information to a website that you can access. Experienced parents say this method works best if you let him know you are watching.

Take it fishing. Set a waypoint for the best fishing spots on your favorite lake. In addition, you can get fish-related downloads for your device that show schedules of the best times and dates to fish specific species.

Play hide and seek with other adults. The game is called geocaching. You check online for GPS coordinates, then go outside with your handheld device and play a combination of treasure hunt and hide and seek with your techie friends.

GPS tracking devices are clearly versatile. Next time you are bored, get creative. Artwork, treasure hunt, teen checking, or fishing, GPS tracking has you covered.

The Ironman Triathlon is a physical event that involves swimming, running, and bicycle riding. It is a long-distance race that is provided by the World Triathlon Corporation (WTC) every year.

During the race, each contestant will swim for 2.4 miles, ride a bicycle for 112 miles, and run a full marathon for 26.2 miles. The race goes in that order and the contestants do not take a break. Naturally, it is known as one of the most difficult sporting events in the world, taking place over a single day.

For the race, there are time limits. In general, the contestants have about 17 hours to complete each section of the Ironman Triathlon. It usually starts early in the morning, and has a cut-off around midnight.

The original Ironman is similar to the Ironman Triathlon, and is held every year in Hawaii, where it has been held since 1978. There are now five brands of Ironman races, including the Iron Girl, Iron Kids, Ironman, Ironman 70.3, and 5150 Triathlon Series.

There are 190 events held each year worldwide. It is a highly challenging and rewarding event for these professional athletes.

For nearly 40 years, men and women have been racing and completing the Ironman challenge. It is has now gone digital with GPS tracking of the athletes during the championships. Ironman is allowing racers to use GPS trackers, which allow their fans, friends and loved ones to track their location and view it all online. All different Ironman races are being tracked, including the regional Ironman championships, the Ironman World Championship, and the Ironman 70.3 World Championship.

There will be a live online show that is available for any user to view over the web. It will include coverage never before seen by onlookers. Ironman Live is also going to include GPS tracking in real-time for the professional athletes. The athletes are also given the option of choosing to use biometric and power data for the live production, so fans can see their activity, location, and how well they are doing.

According to the “We believe this initiative will draw more attention to and improve engagement with our sport. We are taking a major step forward by leveraging technology to create a more colourful and comprehensive experience for fans and the media. Our hope is that we will be able to expand this innovation to all races and to age-group athletes in the future,” said CEO of Ironman, Andrew Messick,

A pilot of the tracking project in 2014 was completed during the Ironman World Championship, and will start live coverage of the events beginning with the March 2014 Ironman Asia-Pacific Championship that takes place in Melbourne.


You know that fleet GPS tracking is essential for a company your size. But it how do you decide which one of the GPS tracking models to get? You need to do a thorough evaluation of your needs and then match them to the wide range of features available.

Evaluating Your Business

The big question is what is your main concern, the problem you expect the software to fix. The usual reasons are:

  • reduce theft and risk
  • monitor your drivers and their performance
  • stop moonlighting
  • improve delivery times and efficiency
  • reduce engine idling
  • improve the route planning for fuel efficiency and to reduce slowdowns due to traffic conditions
  • do a better job of customer service
  • lower fuel costs and the need for maintenance and repair

Do you prefer to buy or lease? This will focus which companies’ products you look at.

After you figure out why you’re getting the system, you can start matching those needs with the what’s available.

Evaluating the Equipment

There is a wide range of features offered for GPS tracking equipment. With your purpose in hand, you can start looking at specific brands.

The first big decision is whether you want a device that is installed or web based, also called cloud-based. There are three big advantages of cloud models:

  1. Updates are the responsibility of the supplier, so you no longer have to worry about them.
  2. Downtime is minimal.
  3. They are accessible from any location with access to the internet.

You want to know if the model can be upgraded and reprogrammed, to add to its useful lifespan. It is always wise to get one that is tamper proof.

Never work with a supplier that can’t explain exactly how the system works. The technology is complicated. You will be relying on them for support. Make sure that initial technical support and training is included in the price. Find out if they charge for ongoing support.

Here is a look at some of the most popular features on major GPS tracking devices:

  • Accident tracking
  • Fuel management
  • GPS integration
  • Dispatch management
  • Driver management
  • Maintenance tracking
  • Fuel management
  • Routing
  • Inspection management
  • Mileage tracking
  • Inventory management
  • Motor pool
  • Daily rental
  • Maintenance scheduling
  • Parts Management
  • Tool tracking
  • Vehicle Information
  • Tire management
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Work order management

The reports that GPS monitoring software produces can make your life much easier. Make sure you can customize which reports you get and how easy it is to email them to others.

The number of devices you use in your trucks and offices will have a big effect on the overall cost. Ask about licensing restrictions on the number, either of users, devices or systems.

It can take some time to find the right fleet GPS tracking system. And it’s worth it. The more research you do, the better match you’ll find. That saves money and frustration for you and your drivers.

At LiveView GPS, we’re here to help you decide which GPS fleet tracking is right for your business. Call us at 1.888.502.3636.

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