If you are like the rest of people and are tired of waiting and wondering when your pizza will arrive, then this will be good news for you. Domino’s Pizza says that soon you will be able to track your pizza from the time it’s pulled out of the oven to when it’s delivered right to your doorstep.

Using their tablets and smartphones, customers will be able to track the precise location of the delivery car while on route to your home thanks to a GPS tracker. Inspired by ride-sharing app through Uber Technologies Inc., a company which has rights to Australia’s Domino’s Pizza Enterprises will be testing the GPS program.

Customers will be able to track their pizza delivery in real time through a map shown by the GPS driver tracker. It is thought that this program will cause hungry consumers to be more patient since they will be aware of how much longer it will be to get their pizza. Chief Executive Don Meij states during an interview that it’s a dark spot when it comes to the delivery business.  Now, however, it will be completely transparent and disclosed.

Dominos even plans on revealing the name of the driver, how fast they are driving, and even the type of music they are playing while they journey to your home.  This will make the app more fun and engaging.
It will be a little while before US pizza consumers can get access to this GPS program.  The Wall Street Journal reports customers in Australia and New Zealand can expect tracking to begin by the end of July.

Dominos is planning on offering the service to the Netherlands by Christmas and to France, Belgium and Japan by the end of next year.

A US company that poached the head of the same-day-delivery business through Google just recently, is now looking into similar services through the use of its fleet of drivers to ferry products and goods like flu shots and fresh food. Domino’s service, unlike Uber’s, is not crowdsourced and relies on its own staff and vehicles to make the deliveries.

Meij believes waiting times will shrink due to the driver tracker since it will discourage erratic driver behavior and improve road safety. A trial done for over a year and a half at 50 Domino locations led to a combination of potentially dangerous driving habits like taking corners to fast and speeding.

“There’s a lot of behavior you can learn about and change as a result,” Meij said.

Beginning its life known as Silvio’s Dial-A-Pizza, Domino’s is trying to produce a reputation as being a food outlet in Australia that is more tech-savvy than others.

For a PhD study being conducted by student Natalie Wildermann of James Cook University, twenty-five baby flatback turtles will be sent on a journey on to the Whitsundays; five of them having a particular job to do. This study is designed to document the young turtles travel habits.

These turtles were gathered up in Mackay from four different nests when they first hatched about several months ago.

In order to determine which five turtles were the strongest and largest, Ms. Wildermann and her team were observing the animals closely. A small GPS tracker (solar powered) will be attached on each shell of the selected five.

This GPS tracker does not affect the swimming abilities of the turtles and is less than 10 percent of their weight. A special glue attaches them to the shells and is designed to fall off in around two to three months after research data is gathered. It’s not damaging to the turtle’s shells either.

For as long as the research team has had the turtles, they have been encouraging them to be self-sufficient.

“We’ve tried to have as little human contact as possible and try to have all the conditions as similar as possible to the sea,” Ms Wildermann said.

She says other studies have been conducted on the movements of the turtles at feeding grounds during nesting, however, what they do when newly hatched is not really known.

“It’s very important to understand all the behavior and ecology of the turtles throughout their life cycle,” she said.

She goes on to say that when little, they are very vulnerable, therefore by having more information on what they do and where they go, it will allow them to know the parts to protect and enable them to improve management plans.

In order to evaluate how the turtles move around using ocean currents, computer simulations are used as part of the PhD research. Ms. Wildermann says it was previously thought that the turtles drifted with the currents for getting around which is why they are only seen in the waters of Australia. However, if this were the case, then they would drift to New Zealand and even so far as Peru as other species of turtles do, she says.

The turtles would have to swim in order to stay in the Great Barrier Reef and when they are small, they are strong and active swimmers. When it comes to knowing which direction to swim, Ms. Wilderman says it has been a mystery how the baby turtles manage. However,results from the GPS tracking study revealed baby flatbacks to remain inside the Great Barrier Reef’s boundaries by simply drifting with the current.

Various studies done on this with other species of turtles have suggested there is a geomagnetic field that the turtles follow which tells them where north is. Hearing and smelling is used by other species like lobsters and fish, however, when it comes to the flatback turtles, Ms. Wildermann says more research is needed.

All data that the five GPS trackers collect will be entered into the computer modelling to help with making more meticulous predictions on the travel habits of turtles and where they go.

We’re in the height of the busy, summer travel season. With that, comes luggage theft, which is a big problem for travelers around the world today. Taking steps, like the ones mentioned below, to prevent luggage theft can save you time, money, and aggravation while traveling.

Keep Your Bags Close

It’s hard to always have a hand and eye on your bags during long layovers and in the event of lengthy delays. If you must rest your eyes or keep them hawkishly on your children instead, protect your bags in one of the following ways:

  • Loop the handle around your foot.
  • Use the luggage as a pillow.
  • Consider using it as a foot rest.
  • Attach it to your arm, neck, shoulder, etc. via the strap.

While this won’t eliminate the possibility of luggage theft entirely, it does make it more difficult for someone to simply pretend they are picking up their luggage and walking off with it – increasing the likelihood that thieves will walk by, rather than risk detection trying to wrestle your luggage away and get caught.

Lock Your Luggage

The bottom line is that most thieves are thieves of opportunity looking for an easy score. Locks add a degree of difficulty or complication most thieves aren’t interested in bothering with.

Use Brightly Colored or Personalized Luggage

Most thieves are working to avoid detection. People who have luggage in standard colors like black, brown, and grey are more attractive targets than luggage that is bright pink and purple paisley or has an identifying name or set of initials embroidered on it in bright colors. Easily recognizable luggage is also easier to spot when picking up your luggage after your flight.

Use Cheap Luggage

Inexpensive luggage is less attractive to thieves than expensive luggage. In some instances, the luggage itself is the item of attraction rather than the items inside. Although expensive luggage can be a good indication that the items inside will also be valuable.

Don’t Get Complacent at Security

Pick up your bag immediately after it comes through the x-ray machine. In fact, you should watch it go in and come out in order to be sure that there was no time for thieves to get a hand on your bag.

Use a GPS Tracking Device in Your Luggage

While this doesn’t necessarily prevent luggage theft, a GPS tracking device can be incredibly useful in helping to recover luggage that has been stolen. The more people who begin to adopt this useful tool to catch luggage thieves, the more likely it is to act as a deterrent.

Claim Luggage Quickly after Your Flight

The faster you claim your luggage after landing the less likely someone else will be to claim it for you. Seriously, skip the bathroom break until after you have all your luggage in hand.

Small steps like this go a long way to reducing your risks of becoming a luggage theft victim. Put them into practice the next time you travel to keep your luggage safe and secure.

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