school bus gps tracking

As emerging technology becomes popular, parents can now ensure their children’s security and safety with GPS tracking to and from school. GPS tracking devices are now being installed on school buses to help keep your children safe.

There are many benefits of GPS fleet tracking for school districts with five of them including:

  1. Driver Monitoring

School districts are now able to monitor the performance of bus drivers through GPS tracking by receiving notifications that report alerts, such as sudden braking, dangerous cornering, or speeding violations. This data can be used to better train and counsel drivers who are not driving safely.

  1. Reduce Fuel Costs

Since the driving and routes of bus drivers are now being monitored, not only are the passengers kept safe, but it saves on fuel costs as well. Now, school authorities have the ability to map out less congested areas for smoother and more efficient driving.

  1. Ensure Children are Being Dropped off at their Respective Stops

It’s not uncommon for a child to be dropped off at a wrong stop. Things like bad weather or rerouting which causes confusion can lead to this. With GPS tracking, bus drivers will be notified ahead of time of any weather issues and become more familiar with their routes.

  1. Protect Children from Being Abducted

Since there has been an increase in missing children, it will benefit both the parents and school officials to utilize GPS technology. Tracking devices can alert you if a child got on their assigned bus as well as if they got off. Parents are reassured that their children did indeed get on their bus and can help law enforcement officials if your child wasn’t where they were supposed to be.

  1. Child Safety

Schools now know exactly where the buses are at all times through tracking technology. GPS tracking can help schools manage the estimated time of arrival and alert them when doors are being opened and when the buses are stopping at stop signs which maximizes your child’s safety during their route home.

It is the responsibility of schools to ensure your child’s safety when they are under their care which starts the moment your child leaves home go to school until they are dropped off at their bus stop. GPS tracking can help ensure all safety protocols are being followed so you can have peace of mind while your child is at school.


Each year in Chesapeake Bay, there are hundreds of sea turtles that get washed up, however, researchers are still puzzled as to the reason.

Earlier this summer, the latest sea turtle was spotted in Lusby, Maryland washed up from sea. An intern and a couple of scientists examined the dead turtle and identified it as being a leatherback sea turtle.

Sea turtles are a big problem in Chesapeake Bay and it’s not rare to see them washed up on shore.

According to Virginia Institute of Marine Science’s graduate student, Bianca Santos, in the early 2000s they saw around 200 to 500 strandings. Although a majority of these strandings were dead turtles, they are seeing an improvement in the numbers.

Santos says they now see approximately 100 to 300 strandings each year.

The majority of these turtles are spotted by individuals when they are close to the bay which means more turtles could be washing up onshore that haven’t been spotted yet.

What researchers are not clear about yet is why the turtles are dying and this is a big problem.

A couple of sea turtle carcasses were collected by Santos and her team and they attached a GPS tracking device on them in order to determine where the sea turtles are dying. She says that once they figure out where the turtles are dying, they then can then determine the cause of their death.

Out of all the turtles that Santos and her team studied, they could determine the cause of death from only a few of them. She says that some of the causes are disease, boat strikes and plastic debris in their stomachs. Another reason might be a sudden change in water temperature.

Aside from the few she selected, determining how the turtles are dying is extremely difficult.

She says that because the shells of the turtles are so hard, it makes them fairly resistant to any lesions or marks that may happen and adds that many of the strandings seem to be healthy, normal turtles.

The sea turtles are usually in the bay in the summertime, according to Santos, and many of the strandings occur in late springtime or early summer. As the water gets warmer, they come north and as the water begins to cool, they head back south typically towards Florida.

Researchers believe there are various factors that could be causing these deaths whether it is disease, boats are sudden temperature changes in the water.

Road Rage

The roadways today can be among the most aggravating places in the world to be. That is true for people who only spend a few minutes a day on the road. Compound that aggravation by endless hours behind the wheel and road rage can quickly become a big problem born of little incidents for truck drivers. But GPS fleet tracking can help reduce instances of road rage and aggressive drivers in several ways, including the following.

Schedule Real-Time Notifications When Drivers Exhibit Aggressive Behaviors

While cars on the road can be annoying and, on some occasions, their drivers downright rude, trucks are much bigger. You don’t need us to explain that they don’t exactly stop on a dime.

Road rage in any vehicle can have lethal consequences. They can be even further reaching in large trucks.  GPS fleet tracking allows you to set up email or text notifications when drivers exhibit the following types of behaviors – as a sign of possible road rage or aggressive driving.

  • Speeding
  • Harsh braking
  • Aggressively changing lanes

After receiving these messages, you can choose the appropriate action according to your own business policies for dealing with aggressive driving. Because you are notified as they happen, you can intervene and offer the driver a break or get him or her off the road right away rather than risk waiting until an event has escalated.

Identify Hours of Downtime for the Truck

The number of hours spent behind the wheel can be energy draining and mind numbing. Failing to get enough sleep while spending long hours on the road can turn a slight annoyance from another driver into a full-blown international incident.  While monitoring vehicle downtime isn’t a guarantee that drivers are getting enough sleep, it does improve the odds.

Create Daily Safety Reports

These reports may seem like little more than paperwork to drivers. They allow you to search for driving patterns that reflect an aggressive nature or instances of road rage while traveling. Remember, your drivers represent the good name of your business when they’re on the road. The last thing you want is someone getting hurt by one of your drivers if it could have been prevented with proper intervention.

Create an Organizational Culture that Discourages Aggressive Driving and Road Rage

If you create policies, teach classes, and initiate a system of rewards and punishments for safe versus aggressive driving, you will find that your drivers pay attention and take action to drive less aggressively. Create a culture that encourages calm, thoughtful, and well-reasoned expectations of your drivers. You will be surprised by how effective this is.

Accidents happen, far too often, on the roads today. GPS fleet tracking can help you prevent accidents among your drivers in all these ways and more. Don’t forget about simple things like re-routing around traffic jams, avoiding many unnecessary delays, and creating more efficient routes that get them home to their families faster. It’s a win for everyone.

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