The California Department of Motor Vehicles goes digital after signing a GPS tracking license plate bill.

The bill in question is theSenate Bill 806, which proposes using GPS tracking and modern technology for improving the speed and processes of registration renewal. Since the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in California renews about 10 million vehicle registrations each year, it is hoping to speed up the process, shorten lines in local DMV offices, and make it a more convenient process for everyone involved.

This bill involves an electronic license plate pilot program using global positioning systems (GPS) technology. GPS has been aiding various industries all over the world, from mapping and navigation benefits to tracking behaviors in wild animals and domestic pets. Now, the DMV wants to try it out with this new pilot program. After signing the bill, the pilot program will need to be established by the beginning of 2017.

Instead of having a static metal license plate adorned with registration stickers, the license plate would wirelessly display messages concerning the vehicle’s registration status, such as “expired”, “current”, or “stolen”.

Through further analysis of this bill, it proposes a pilot program that lowers the cost of vehicle registration services and lessening the processing step. Every year, 10 million registration renewals take place in the Golden State, where it involves long lines in the DMV office and a lot of manpower completing them, followed by issuing stickers for the plates each year. With this new GPS program, the state of California and the DMV hope to be able to electronically issue the stickers and new registration cards without residents going into the office.

The pilot program should cost the DMV $50,000 or less to get started with evaluating, according to Assembly Appropriations Committee. It will test evaluation and road tests on about ½ percent of the registered vehicles throughout California, and only for vehicle owners volunteering for this program.

The digital electronic license plates will be provided to the DMV by Smart Plate Inc., which has a patent for this technology. It involves a computer screen looking just like a typical California license plate. For this testing phase, it is only for registration information, though the technology can also show other information, such as a stolen vehicle or Amber Alerts.

When signing the bill, the California DMV agreed to provide results of the completed pilot program by July 2018, when they must show a full report of their findings and whether or not it proved beneficial to them with updating registration digitally. They also need to provide information about unauthorized access or additional security features needed.

Within the Senate Bill 806, it is noted that the pilot is voluntary so all vehicles being tracked must have volunteered to do so. It also notes that the DMV won’t retain the GPS data, and will have to report all results and tested features with GPS tracking to the Legislature. Additionally, the bill says the DMV has to provide recommendations for personal information being maintained and managed under the vehicle owner’s rights.

As of now, this pilot program is only for personal vehicles, and not intended to be used for or tested on commercial fleets. Other states, such as New Jersey and South Carolina, are investigating similar bills.

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GPS tracking technology lets dog walkers take the dogs without a leash, to many great benefits.

Walking your dog is essential to their physical and mental well being, but walking them on a leash isn’t always the best solution. That is why Clever Canines now uses GPS tracking technology to allow the dogs to roam free on their walks, but still tracking their location and movements just in case they wander off a bit too far.

Clever Canines is a dog walking company in Calgary that specifically advertises as bringing their client’s dogs on walks without using leashes. They believe a dog should be able to walk freely without constraint while getting fresh air and exercise. It is through a program called WalkAbout, which is mostly off-lead, though does require using a combination of on-leash walking on occasion.

They like to use as much off-leash walking as possible for the many benefits. Dogs get better exercise without restrictions, proper socialization with other dogs, and are far less bored when they can enjoy their freedom during their daily walks around town. It can also be enjoyable for who is walking the dogs, making it a family affair. For dog walking companies, they have found the dogs enjoy these outings much more.

With global positioning systems (GPS), they can now provide a more safe and secure walking experience for the dogs, and help dog owners keep peace of mind during the walks. The GPS tracking technology lets them keep track of all dogs, up to 10 at once, on their smartphones. The data is also available in real-time for the company owners to also track the dogs locations.

Tracking off-leash dogs with the GPS tracking devices is not only a good idea for peace of mind, but great for dogs that are newly trained. They aren’t always as keen to staying with the group and have a tendency to wander off. They have already seen this in action when a new dog found a new group of dogs to play with on her walk. Since she was hearing the GPS harness, the dog walker was able to find her quickly and bring her back to their group. By the end of it, it took no longer than five minutes.

GPS tracking devices have also been used for hunting dogs and in dog sled racing.

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