Cargo Thefts in the U.S.

Cargo thefts occur all over the United States, from the Pacific Northwest to the East Coast. However, while every state does experience some type of cargo theft, just four states are showing a considerably higher rate of thefts.

Experts believe the criminals are becoming smarter, knowing not only what states tend to have the cargo they are looking for, but those with environmental conditions and other elements that make it easier to steal from these trucks. They know the larger, more populated states tend to have the more and higher quality products, including food, clothing, pharmaceutical drugs, and electronics.

FreightWatch, a leader in leader in logistics security services, believes that recent trends of cargo thefts in four states in particular are a sign of what is to come. They compiled a list of the items that are stolen most often from trucks, as well as what states they are stolen from. Through their detailed statistics, four states in the U.S. pose a higher risk for cargo theft.

States with the Most Cargo Thefts

FreightWatch compiled statistics that looked at the number of cargo thefts in the U.S., and how many of those thefts occurred in what states. They found that there were a total of 946 cargo thefts during 2012, which on its own was already much higher than the previous year. Among the thefts, the vast majority of them were in California, Florida, Texas, and New Jersey.

California had 230 cargo thefts
Florida had 132 cargo thefts
Texas had 123 cargo thefts
New Jersey had 78 cargo thefts

The states of Georgia and Illinois followed, with the top six states representing 73 percent of all cargo thefts in 2012.

Types of Items Stolen

There also tended to be certain items that more likely to be stolen from certain states, including those not listed in these statistics. For example, the state of Illinois saw three times more pharmaceutical thefts in their states than years previous. Other statistics about the times of items include:

Food and Drink are the most common product type stolen.  Meats, energy drinks, produce, and other soft drinks were the most common food and drink items stolen.  Jewelry had the highest value of stolen cargo, with an average value just under a half a million dollars.  The percentage of electronic thefts dropped to a new low of  12 percent in 2012.  Metal thefts, including copper, represented 14.9 percent (141 thefts) in 2012.

The increase in cargo thefts may be worrisome, but that doesn’t mean you can’t protect your trucks. Learn more about GPS tracking for cargo theft by giving us a call at 1.888.502.3636.

The GPS tracking of fleets is fairly commonplace among businesses today that have tight budgets yet rely heavily upon the ability of drivers to transport passengers or goods efficiently from one location to the next. In the case of cab companies, there was initial fear that the costs of installing GPS devices on all taxis would be prohibitive.

As technology has improved and the costs have gone down, though, many taxi cab businesses are discovering that GPS tracking for taxi cabs fleets is a very cost effective solution that helps them accomplish many business goals, like those listed below.

Provides Customers with more Accurate ETAs

When people call for taxi service, they’re usually ready to go or very nearly ready to go when the call is made. This means they are waiting the remainder of the time. Traffic, speed limits, and location of nearest available taxi all play critical roles in the estimated time of arrival you provide callers with. GPS taxi tracking helps you make much more accurate judgments about the ETA that takes these mitigating factors into account.

Assists Drivers in Navigating Around Traffic Problems

Traffic happens. In some cases, there’s just no getting around it, but most of the time, if you know the right side streets and alternate routes to take, you can make good time while avoiding stalled traffic due to accidents and other events.

Allows Faster Turnover Rates so You can Serve more Customers

Much like restaurants make more money by turning over tables faster, taxi cab companies make money by turning over their cab services faster. The more customers you serve in an hour, the more money you stand to make. GPS tracking for taxi cabs allows you to create routes that are more efficient and take into account the current and future locations of cabs that are working in the city so that time isn’t wasted by over-serving certain areas of the city.

Notifies You of High Speeds or Erratic Drivers

Ultimately your business is responsible for the drivers you put on the road. Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of GPS tracking for taxis is that it allows you to monitor what’s really going on with your drivers once they are out of sight. In most cases, just knowing the software is active is enough to keep drivers in check. However, if problems do arise, you’ll be notified so you can take appropriate action to protect your passengers, other people on the road, and the image of your business.

GPS tracking is one more tool you can include in your bag of tricks to help you survive the new economic reality where businesses most focus more attention than ever before on efforts to keep costs down, improve productivity, and minimize risks.

Thanks to GPS tracking technology, experts now understand more about how a single dog is able to herd a flock of sheep.

A recent study published in the Journal of The Royal Society Interface reveals information about the tricks and techniques sheepdogs used to herd sheep. In fact, herding sheep is often done by a single dog, which is proven to be both a mystery and unbelievable feat to many people. That’s because herding sheep is no difficult task, yet one skilled sheepdog is able to convince dozens of them to move efficiently in the same direction.

Finally, through this study, the big question is answered. Researchers at the Uppsala University in Sweden fitted a herd of 46 female merino sheep and a well-trained Australian Kelpie sheepdog so that they could analyze the data and determine exactly how it works. The tracking devices were each encased in small backpacks that were placed on each of the animals.

The GPS tracking data was collected as the dog successfully herded the sheep. Researchers then poured over the data and created a computer model of the entire scene in front of them. What they found is that the dog uses very specific techniques to get the sheep to move in one direction.

The data showed that the dog begins by grouping the sheep together by walking around them side-by-side at the back, urging the sheep to move closer into a group. Any time there is a gap between sheep, the dog works to bring those sheep together, so that it only sees one big fluff of white in front of it.

The dog is continuously working to be sure the sheep herd is cohesive. It continues in this manner until it is happy with their grouping. Once they are in a group, the dog is able to nudge them forward toward the target area.

This is an amazing feat since it is not uncommon for one sheepdog to move a herd of 80-100 sheep at one time. Through this model and with the help of the GPS tracking data collected, researchers believe a dog that is well trained could herd over 100 sheep, though it might take a little longer.

Not only is the mystery of how sheepdogs herd sheep of this magnitude solved, but the researchers believe that these intelligent dogs and the technique they use could be used in other ways. They think it would be the same application for herding livestock, keeping animals out of certain areas, cleaning the environment, and even crowd control.

By getting everyone or every animal, close together, it is easier to move them as one unit, as opposed to attempting to move them one at a time. Daniel Strombom, head researcher at Uppsala, is interested to see exactly what these sheepdogs are able to do, regardless of the number of sheep in the herd.

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