Pulling events together takes a lot of people working together to make it happen. Unfortunately, that leaves a lot of moveable parts and personnel to keep up with. GPS tracking systems can help you keep up with where your people and equipment are so you know what’s going on at all times. This vital information can be viewed at any time – either remotely from computer, or on-site via Internet accessible tablet devices and smartphones.

Monitor Equipment Location

While not all of the moving parts are vehicular in nature, GPS tracking, when combined with the power of RFID scanning, can help you monitor the location, movement, and placement of the costly equipment that helps you manage your events.

Of course, there is the added benefit of placing GPS tracking devices on valuable equipment to deter theft and facility fast recovery of expensive equipment. You can even set up text alerts that let you know, instantly, if equipment begins to move when it should not be moving.

Real Time Tracking of Staff and Volunteers

One important role of successful management teams is to ensure that the right people are in the right places at the right times. It makes a world of difference in the success of the event, whether you’re planning the Super Bowl halftime show, the Olympics, or a high school prom because everyone needs to be in the right place at the right time or mistakes occur.

Two-Way Communication

The ability to use GPS equipment for two-way communication helps you manage personnel at multiple event locations to ensure that everything is going off without a hitch. You can also stay up to date on volunteers and staff members as well as potential problems as they arise. It’s much easier to manage everything from one system rather than relying on several different devices and interfaces in order to keep track.

Weather Notifications

The benefit of weather notifications has become more widely appreciated in the aftermath of high profile incidents, such as theIndiana state fair collapse in 2011 that resulted in the loss of seven lives and 58 additional injuries. Weather can have a profound impact on the way events shape up. Staying on top of potential weather threats helps you keep your personnel and the event guests safe from dangerous weather conditions.

Notifies You of Safety Problems

GPS tracking on vehicles, such as limos and delivery vehicles, can be set to notify you of reckless driving, high speed driving, and of vehicles veering from their designated routes. This lets you stay on top of the situation to ensure safety and security of your vehicles, their drivers, their passengers, and the cargo they carry.

The bottom line is that using GPS fleet tracking tools for your event management business improves your bottom line and helps you keep your events running smoothly.

Parents gain peace of mind with a GPS tracking device that keeps track of their children while they are in the middle of a busy, crowded place.

Summer vacations, weekends, and evenings out with the family are the perfect opportunity to enjoy adventures with children and spend that all-important quality time together. Unfortunately, many of the fun activities involve being a part of a large crowd where there is the risk of a child wandering off. It is incredibly easy to lose track of a child with crowds that are pushing and moving constantly, and a parent’s worst nightmare if it does occur.

For families that plan to go the beach, attend a ball game, or see a live performance, GPS tracking is here to make these fun events less stressful.


Global positioning systems (GPS) are equipped with tracking features that allow parents to keep track of their child and know immediately if they have left the perimeter — and exactly where they are.

The GPS tracking tool provides alerts that are compatible with smartphones and any device that has internet capability, including iPads and other tablets.

The tracker itself is small and can be placed just about anywhere on the child, including their jacket, pocket, or backpack. The tracking device provides alerts through email or SMS texting.

It includes additional features, like a long battery life, a rechargeable battery, motion activation, and the ability to be tracked with both iOS and Android operating systems.

Not only is it helpful in the case of a children’s activity in a large crowd, but for children with disabilities. For a child with attention deficit disorder, autism, or is hearing impaired, the parent can help to keep them safe no matter where they are.

Live Trac PT-10 GPS Tracker


The Live Trac PT-10 GPS Tracker is the perfect, portable, easy-to-use GPS tracker for tracking your child. With a month-to-month subscription with unlimited use and tracking, you have the freedom to try out the GPS tracker without having to be locked into a long-term contract. What’s more, the Live Trac PT-10 GPS tracker comes with free shipping and lifetime support. Contact us today at 1-888-544-0494 to learn more.

Shark Week 2014 started Sunday, August 10th on the Discover Channel, so we thought our loyal readers would enjoy a story on GPS tracking and sharks.

Researchers off the Gulf of Mexico are using GPS tracking devices to follow sharks (and other marine life), and to possibly predict future weather events.

Scientists at the University of Miami wanted to figure out a way to examine future weather trends, particularly in terms of hurricanes, as they are the biggest natural disaster issue on the east coast. To do so, they decided to take advantage of modern technology, specifically through the use of global positioning systems (GPS).

A variety of sea creatures have been tagged with GPS trackers near the Gulf of Mexico, including sharks, billfish, tarpon, and tuna. They each have an individual tag that is linked to a satellite dish. This allows the researchers to track the water temperatures and other changes as the sharks and fish swim through the ocean.

There are a total of 750 animals being tracked over the last ten years in the ocean in order to see the water temperature, as well as the salinity of different depths of the ocean.

When the researchers first started tracking fish several years ago, they didn’t intend to use the data for weather forecasting. Their goal was to provide additional helpful information to their biologists, offering data like the behavior of the fish and at what depths they typically swim. It wasn’t until a few months ago when scientists realized this same information could be used to help predict hurricanes, or at the very least, provide an advanced warning system.

Scientists believe this research will be effective because they consider the fish to be biological sensors. Typically during hurricane season, the ocean temperatures are at their warmest. Scientists believe the change of the water temperature could help weather forecasters know more about the upcoming hurricane season, simply by seeing how hot the water is.

Jerald Ault, a marine biologist, had this to say:

“The fish act as biological sensors. The fish dive, so they create a vertical picture of what the water temperature looks like.”

The tracked sharks have tags clipped to their fin. Data already collected shows the sharks go into water that measures approximately 79 degrees.

Currently, meteorologists determine the isotherms by using satellite data or from dropping sensors into a storm. Now by tracking these fish, they are able to pinpoint information more thoroughly and have some advanced warning when water temperatures begin to rise. Ault believes they will get higher resolution data from tracking the fish and it will help meteorologists have more information about upcoming storms.

As far as the fish being tracked, it is not a painful experience for them. Their first dorsal fin gets tagged because there are less blood cells there and barely any nerve tissue. By the time they are released into the ocean, they don’t feel a thing and barely notice the trackers. In the near future, researchers plan to track even more fish, such as makos, bull sharks, tiger sharks, and hammerheads.

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