The 2015 Winter seems to be never ending, but advanced technology is hoping to take a bite out of its chill. Two new schools join the growing number of schools that are now using GPS tracking devices for GPS school bus tracking.

This winter is proving to be long and brutal, but some parents will be happy that they will know where the school bus is during those icy, snowy mornings. Two new school districts in the U.S. – Williamsville School District in New York and Eastern Carver County School District in Minnesota – are both tracking their school buses with global positioning systems (GPS).

All around the world, people are utilizing the many benefits of GPS tracking devices. They help to monitor the behavior of wild and endangered animals, provide locations of stolen vehicles, and help police track down thieves. They are also great at tracking vehicles’ location for other purposes, including helping parents to know when to expect their child’s school bus.

Recently, In Williamsville, New York, the snow was falling steadily, but school was still in session. Despite the complaints from parents, kids were expected to be driven to school after two of their school buses got stuck in snow and were delayed.

While this was definitely an inconvenience, parents were notified thanks to the GPS trackers on the bus. The school was able to see the moment when the buses were stopped, and could also update parents on the bus’s whereabouts and whether or not it would make it to their home to pick up their children.

Instead of cancelling school for a snow day, school officials chose to inform parents that their buses were running late, and they had the option of driving their kids to school. The GPS tracking program is optional; that is, parents can choose to track the school bus. It is not just useful on snow days, but so they always know where the bus is in the morning, and when to expect it in the afternoon.

A similar program was started in Minnesota by the Eastern Carver County School District. The district has also started tracking school buses with GPS technology. App information is given to parents who want it, who can add it to their smartphones.

The app tells them exactly where the bus is and can alert them if the bus is running late or there will be a long delay. It is helpful on a cold day when parents don’t want their kids waiting outside. They can stay in their warm home until the bus is close by, then have them go out and get on the bus in time.

Recently, a family found it useful when there was fresh snow on the ground. Paul and his daughter Emma headed outside at the normal time to wait for her bus. Michelle, Emma’s mother, noticed they had been outside longer than usual. So she checked her app and saw that the bus was running later. She was able to tell them to come in from the cold and wait until the app told her the bus would be there soon.

Home health care providers and agencies have a lot of important work on their plates on any given day. It’s important to make sure that your workers are where they’re supposed to be in order to ensure proper care for all the patients your business serves. While many people overlook the potential benefit of fleet tracking for home health care providers, this is one industry that stands to benefit greatly from this technology.

These are just a few of the many ways your home health care agency might benefit from GPS fleet tracking.

Verifies Health Care Provider Visits

GPS fleet real time tracking not only tracks the location of vehicles at any given time. It can also be used to track the amount of time the vehicle spent at any location. Some systems even offer capabilities that allow healthcare providers to take a touch screen device into the home for patients to verify the business by signing. Nurses and other health care workers can also record the services rendered during the visit for accurate reporting.

Why is this important?

First, it gives nervous family members assurance that their loved ones are receiving proper care as ordered.

Second, it provides a record of all visits if billing disputes arise.

Finally, it serves as a record of services your employees provided if there are ever accusations of fraud levied against your agency.

Reduces Paperwork and Record Keeping Responsibilities

How much time is lost on the average day as a result of home health workers filling out forms? You might be surprised to learn that you could squeeze at least one more patient per nurse into the day by eliminating the need to records things like mileage and time spent in one location.

Making the move to digital record keeping and GPS fleet tracking is not just about saving the trees anymore. It can help save your entire operation a great deal of lost time and labor costs each year.

Reduces Route Inefficiencies

Home health workers spend a lot of time on the roads on a given day. With GPS fleet tracking you can schedule your routes more efficiently in order to work the maximum number of routes into the day without, of course, sacrificing the quality or standards of care your organization has for the patients you serve.

The key is to create a more efficient workday so that employee hours aren’t wasted in traffic or commuting from one location to another.

Improves Employee Accountability

Without GPS tracking, it’s easy for employees to take advantage of the minimal oversight they have by cutting 10 minutes off various home health visits in order to take care of personal errands while on the clock. GPS tracking eliminates this because you know where business vehicles are at all times.

Home health agencies and providers have a lot of regulations and red tape to manage along with the patients you are charged with serving. GPS fleet tracking systems can make your management responsibilities so much easier while also improving the quality of care, customer satisfaction, and employee accountability. Now is the perfect time to get started.

Do you operate a home health agency? If so, give us a call at 1.888.502.3636 to learn how GPS fleet tracking can help better serve your patients and improve your bottom line.

Public Safety agencies are able to use GPS tracking technology for more than just location awareness.

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