How Vending Machine Delivery and Repair Companies Can Benefit From GPS Tracking

8 Mar 2018

Technology is evolving at the speed of light these days and that means big changes for businesses in every industry. When it comes to vending machine delivery and repair companies, there are a variety of technological advancements that can benefit you as you go about your business. These are a select few you’ll want to make sure you have on board, so you don’t get left behind by more technologically advanced competitors.

Robotic Lifters

Using hand trucks or a two-man team to lift and maneuver heavy vending machines is utilizing yesterday’s technology. Today, your options for delivering and picking up vending machines for your repair business are boundless thanks to the advanced technology robotic lifters off. Save the backs of your drivers and technicians with these technological marvels that take all the heavy lifting out of, well, heavy lifting.

GPS Fleet Tracking

Whether you’re delivering 22 vending machines in a day or 202, GPS fleet tracking can help you maximize your fuel efficiency, so you can work more deliveries into an eight-hour window of time. The more trucks you have in your vending machine delivery and repair fleet, the more money you stand to save by using GPS fleet tracking to do the following:

  • Schedule accurate appointment windows.
  • Plan fuel-efficient routes for multiple vehicles.
  • Plan routine vehicle maintenance to keep trucks operating efficiently.
  • Monitor driver behavior for route deviations and/or aggressive driving patterns.
  • Greatly reduce unnecessary idling.
  • Provide instant electronic notifications of pickups and deliveries to customers.

This is just a small sampling of the benefits GPS technology has to offer your vending machine delivery and repair business. If you’re not already utilizing this technology, you should be.

Automated Alert Systems

These are perhaps one of the more valuable tech tools available to you if you offer on-call repair services to your clients. This system will notify your clients, instantly if there are malfunctions within their vending machines so they can contact you right away.

How does this help you?

Because you’re the next call your customers are going to make. If their vending machines aren’t operating, then they aren’t making money. The faster they can notify you of potential problems the faster you can repair them so that they are back in business. Everyone wins!

Technology is making waves around the world as it expands a little more each day. Make sure you take advantage of what it has to offer you so that your competitors don’t gain an advantage you didn’t see coming.



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