Using GPS To Recover Your Stolen Car

5 Mar 2008

By the time you read through this first sentence, somewhere in the US a car or two will have been stolen.  Hopefully it was not yours. In today’s world where high tech gadgets are available at your fingertips, there is a way that you can prevent this from happening to you; or at the very least recover your stolen car before it is too late.   Invest in a GPS Tracking System. 

 Stolen Car

Now you are probably wondering how a GPS tracking system is going to help you with a stolen car.  The answer is quite simple. 

A GPS tracking system gives the user the ability to see exactly where their car is at anytime.  This means that if your car is stolen, within minutes you should have the exact location of your car.  There are even some GPS systems that can be set up to alert you if the door to your car has been opened and even if the engine is running.  The nice thing is that if your GPS is hidden, the thief will not have any clue that you already know your car has been stolen and exactly where it is located.  The other nice thing is that because you are alerted immediately you can work together with the police by sharing your GPS information. 

This quick action should be able to help you recover your car before anything more should happen to it.  Talk about a stress reliever if you live in a city where car theft is a daily occurrence. There are also some GPS tracking devices out there that have much more advanced capabilities.  These systems offer two way communications.  This means that when the owner is notified either by phone call, text message or email that their vehicle has been broken into they are able to contact the GPS tracking feature of their car remotely.  This means that not only will they know where their car it, but the owner is able to do things like lock and unlock doors and set off alarms remotely.   By doing this, the owner just might scare away the car thief.   Other then helping you to recover your vehicle quickly, there are a few other benefits to purchasing a GPS tracking system.  Probably the biggest benefit is that auto insurance companies really like GPS tracking systems.  They realize that if you have a GPS tracking system in your vehicle you are less likely to lose your car to theft.  Or that if your car is stolen that the chances of finding the vehicle before it is broken down into sellable parts is much lower.  In fact they like them so much that many of the companies are offering discounts if your vehicle has a GPS tracking device system.   Another benefit is that when a would-be thief sees a logo for a GPS tracking device or sees a system in the car, they are more likely to leave your vehicle.  Thieves understand technology and realize that if they take a car that has a GPS tracking device in it they are more than likely going to be caught.  They would rather pass up a vehicle that has this system in it as they really don’t know how to disable them.     

So the next time a vehicle gets stolen on your block, keep yours safe by investing in a GPS tracking system.  The money up front is pennies in comparison to loosing your vehicle. Not only can you save some money on your insurance bill, but you will also have the peace of mind that your car will not end up as parts somewhere across the country.

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