Using A GPS System To Recover Stolen Property

1 Feb 2011

Using GPS tracking to retrieve a stolen cell phone is old news, as is using the built in GPS tracking system in your vehicle to get it back after it’s been stolen. Using GPS tracking to retrieve a hi-definition television set, on the other hand, or your computer, or prized antique furniture, is still a relatively new idea to the average person.

This is where consumer-grade anti-theft GPS devices like the DeWalt DS500, the Live Trac PT-10 and the RTV5 come in.

Some of these devices go beyond simply tracking. The DeWalt DS500 Mobile Lock, for instance, will contact up to three people via phone and email if the item it’s attached to is moved. This allows you to contact the police immediately. The G5 and PT-10 are live trackers, meaning that you’ll be able to see exactly where your property is from second to second.

It’s often said that if stolen property isn’t retrieved within a few hours of being stolen, the odds of it ever being retrieved are slim to none. Well, with this kind of response, the chances of a thief making it through those first few hours without being caught are slim to none. The last thing a car thief or a burglar wants is for the very theft of the property to automatically alert the owner. The owner having the ability to not only know their car or television has been stolen, but then show the police exactly where the thief is hiding, is beyond the average criminal’s farthest imagination.

Of course, it should be noted that if you want to use GPS trackers to help keep prized possessions safe, you should, by all means, resist the urge to use the tracking system as a tool in exacting vigilante justice. Just share your tracking system with the police and they should have few problems retrieving your property.



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