How Uniform Pickup and Delivery Services Can Benefit from GPS Fleet Tracking

4 Jan 2018

Uniform pickup and delivery services can be big business in the right environment. The more business you have, however, the more room there is for inefficiencies to creep in and cut into your profits. GPS fleet tracking can help you take a bite out of the little things that can cost your business so much and boost your profits at the same time. These are just a few of the benefits your business stands to gain by using GPS fleet tracking services.

Reduce Idling Time

Idling is public enemy number one for your vehicles. Drivers always plan to be in and out quickly when making either a uniform pickup or delivery, but may be forced to wait on people inside who weren’t quite ready to accept delivery or pickup.

Some drivers even tend to let vehicles idle while fueling up, when washing their vehicles, and in stand-still traffic. The more drivers and vehicles you have in your fleet, the higher the costs can be.

GPS tracking not only tracks your drivers’ movements, but also when the engine is idling – burning costly fuel in the process. This allows you to identify the drivers who are the worst idling offenders, so you can offer education and incentives to encourage them to cut their idling times.

Verify Pickups and Deliveries

Since picking up and delivering uniforms is the cornerstone of your business, it’s nice to know that you can use GPS fleet tracking to verify the times that you picked items up and made your deliveries to hotels, restaurants, hospitals, etc. around time that take advantage of your services.

This provides a record for invoicing purposes for you and also serves to reduce disputes that may arise regarding the timing of deliveries and whether they were, in fact, made. You can improve this service even further by scanning specific batches that are received and/or dropped off. Everyone wins.

Lower Operating Costs

Fuel and labor are two of the biggest expenses your business is likely to face daily. With trucks running all over town, it’s good to know that your GPS system may also be used as a fuel management system, allowing you identify routes that are more efficient, driver behavior that may be costing your business money, and by reducing the number of driver hours logged in a day through greater efficiency.

While GPS fleet tracking cannot solve all the problems busy fleet owners and operators face on a given day, it can resolve many of them allowing your uniform pickup and delivery services  business to enjoy higher profits, greater customer satisfaction, and more money in the bank.



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