Tracking Ring Helps Keep Tabs on Significant Other

7 Jul 2015

If you have a jealous fiancé, before placing that engagement ring on your finger, you might wish to ask them some questions. Steve Bennett, UK jeweler has created the first original ring, which can be used as tracking technology. Its appearance is the same as all the others, however, in between the silver setting and the rock lays a tiny Bluetooth chip.

Bennett, Gemporia’s CEO, is used to offering couples with sparkling engagement rings. He has claimed that the main reason of placing GPS tracking in the rings is to protect the jewelry from loss or theft.

However, it does make it possible to locate the wearer wherever they are which is why the company is now planning to promote it as the ‘fidelity ring.’

This means jealous spouses now have the ability to keep tabs and know the exact whereabouts of their significant other.

There are two different designs of the tracking ring since being able to choose your ring is always important and rings that track every move you make should not be any different. The first design is a diamond that is square-cut and is encased inside an 8-pronged silver setting.  The other design is the violet diamond that is marquise-cut encased inside a square setting.

Bennett told the Daily Mail that the idea hit him when he was considering different ways to keep jewelry safe.  He went on to say that the collections he had included some pieces that were highly valuable.  He claims there is nothing worse than seeing people’s devastation when they have lost their jewelry or had their treasured pieces stolen.  He wanted to do all he could do to prevent this.
His thought was by placing GPS in your jewelry, you increase your chances of finding them if stolen or misplaced ten-fold.

Nobody would like to lose a special piece of jewelry like the engagement ring, however, the thought of a ‘fidelity ring’ does seem a little scary to some and when placed in the hands of a jealous, insecure, and possessive spouse-to-be, it could lead to more problems than it would prevent them.

Although not a lot of people might be thrilled at the idea of their significant other knowing exactly where they are all the time, Bennett insists the doubts are far outweighed by the benefits.
He says that after he spoke to his customers, he did see some interest in the ‘his and her’ versions of trackable couple rings.
Although the designing of this type of ring does spark debates regarding tracking technology and personal safety, Bennett argues that keeping an honest and open approach when buying and distributing this ring is the ticket to responsibly using it.

To make the story even more intriguing, there could even be the possibility of keeping other treasured things secure and safe; our children. It’s confirmed by Bennett that the company is currently weighing the thought of potentially designing jewelry for children that has tracking technology installed.



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