Tracking Your Municipal Fleet During Fall Leaf Collection Season

3 Oct 2019

Fall is a time for cooler temperatures, falling leaves and a whole lot of organic mess in municipal streets. While those beautiful yellow, red and orange leaves look great in trees, they’re not so great when they fall and end up covering the streets, leaving sweeping crews with a big cleanup on their hands.

Keeping your streets clear of fallen leaves is an important job too. It requires thoroughness, efficiency and dedication. But, when you have a large fleet and a tight budget, it can be challenging. This is where GPS fleet tracking for your street sweeping operation comes in.

How GPS Tracking Can Help Municipal Fleets

Here are some ways GPS tracking can help your municipal fleet during fall lead collection season.

  1. Improving Accountability and Efficiency

GPS tracking technology can help improve your municipal fleet’s efficiency in various ways. It can help you plan efficient routes through the review of location, speed and route data, minimizing this expense.  You can use GPS data for a number of ways, including:

  • Identifying areas that haven’t been swept yet (or those that have)
  • Rerouting around traffic delays
  • Locating and monitoring vehicle activity

  1. Assisting With Monitoring and Managing Driver Behaviors and Activities

GPS tracking helps you quickly and efficiently monitor your drivers’ behaviors and activities. An efficient GPS fleet tracking system offers you improved visibility of your vehicles and how your drivers’ are behaving, contributing to achieving more efficient and safer fleets. Along with knowing exactly where each of your vehicles is at any given time, this enables you to know if your drivers are on schedule, safe and driving competently.

And, through the use of a valuable tool known as geofencing, you can now choose to receive an email or text message alert whenever a vehicle arrives or departs from a certain location.

  1. Reducing Maintenance Costs

You can identify the street sweepers in need of preventative maintenance by carefully tracking things like:

  • Miles traveled
  • Total use time
  • Onboard diagnostic sensors

By focusing on the smaller, simple-to-fix maintenance issues before they become costly-to-repair roadside problems, you can reduce your total maintenance costs.

GPS municipal fleet tracking makes your life much easier. GPS data provides you with an accurate view of your fleet’s activities without you even having to leave your office. You can know for certain which streets have been cleared and if they’re being cleared at the right times to keep motorists safe. It can also show you which drivers of yours are most productive.

If having a simple to use, convenient way of improving your street sweeping operations seems like a good idea to you, you may want to invest in GPS fleet tracking. Talk to us today at LiveViewGPS at 1-888-544-0494 to learn more about GPS municipal fleet tracking.


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