Tips to Prevent Theft on Small to Mid-Sized Assets

20 Jun 2019

You’ll find no shortage of information on things you can do, as a business, to protect your heavy equipment and assets. While there are few resources available to help you protect your investments in small and mid-sized (though rarely inexpensive) assets, this guide is made just for you.

Create an Organizational Policy Geared toward Theft Prevention

You’ve been taught for decades that prevention is the best cure. That remains true today as well. Create a written policy for your organization that identifies the steps to ensure your assets are properly protected from theft each day and enforce those policies.

Brand Your Assets

Whether you paint them a bright color that is difficult to conceal and easy to identify as your own or you apply your own company logo onto your assets, the more easily identifiable assets are, the less attractive they become as targets for thieves.

If you’re not willing to go with loud colors or bawdy designs, consider etching vin numbers or other identifying information into your assets so they can be easily identified as yours if they are ever recovered.

Secure Your Property

While this may not prevent accidental employee theft (which is a bigger problem than many businesses want to admit), it is a significant deterrent for thieves on the outside looking in. The more difficult it becomes to access to the objects of their desires, the more likely it becomes that thieves will move on to targets that require less effort to obtain.

This holds true for keeping your property well-lit at night as well. Thieves prefer the cover of darkness from which to perform their sordid acts and a well-lit property is wholly unappealing to them. Surveillance cameras are another consideration for easy identification of thieves after the fact. Especially cameras equipped with night vision capabilities and high-resolution cameras.

Use GPS Tracking to Secure Your Assets

In addition to GPS tracking for heavy equipment, you can elect to utilize GPS asset tracking. The main point to take home from this is that GPS is a powerful tool to use to monitor and track your assets. Not only can you create geo-fences that notify you anytime certain assets go beyond specified geographic boundaries. You can also use real-time asset tracking to aid in the recovery of your stolen merchandise.

These are just a few of the important things you can do to secure your small and mid-sized assets and either prevent theft altogether or facilitate prompt return of your equipment otherwise.



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