It’s Time to Manage Your Mobile Workforce with GPS Fleet Tracking

15 Feb 2017

Managing a mobile workforce presents its own unique challenges for business owners. A mobile workforce is largely out of sight and that means you don’t always know what’s really going on. Without GPS fleet tracking for your mobile employees you have very little control over driving behavior, productivity, or even if your workforce is actually working.

GPS tracking can give you additional insight into all these things and more – almost as good as riding in their vehicles with them. These are just a few great ways GPS fleet tracking can help you manage your mobile workforce more effectively.

More Efficient Routing

Plan routes that are more efficient for a variety of reasons including timelines, fuel costs, and labor costs. GPS tracking can help you monitor your vehicles throughout the day and make adjustments whenever emergency orders come up or when changes need to be made to the existing schedule. This helps your business operate on a better budget and keeps your workforce on task and on time.

Reduce Labor Costs

Labor is one of the biggest expenses for any business that has a workforce. It is likely to be your single largest expense. Using GPS tracking can help you reduce or eliminate your overtime expenses to a large degree by encouraging your workforce to step up their game.

Employees are less likely to deviate from their scheduled paths when they know you are monitoring them. Plus, they are more likely to remain on task when working so they accomplish more in less time. This helps you get more orders filled or deliveries made throughout the day.

Simplify Paperwork for Everyone

There are many things you need to keep up with that require different people filling out different forms throughout the day. GPS tracking can reduce much of the paperwork burden your business faces while automating things like invoices, driver logs, billing, and other paperwork that requires a lot of time and attention on your part.

Track Driver Locations and Behaviors

Knowing where all your drivers are at any given time during the day allows you to allocate your resources more efficiently when problems arise. It also allows you to identify positive and negative driver behaviors. For instance, if drivers leave their prescribed routes or go inactive for long periods of time you can set up alerts to notify you. You can also set up alerts for speeding, hard braking, and other aggressive driving behaviors.

There are many ways GPS fleet tracking can help you manage your mobile workforce more effectively, these are just a few of the highlights.

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