Summer Driving Tips for Fleet Drivers

16 Aug 2018

According to the Huffington Post, July and August are two of the deadliest months on the road each year with summertime crash statistics much higher overall. For fleet drivers, it means one thing, you need to be more alert during this particularly lethal time of year than normal.

These tips will help keep your fleet drivers safer during dangerous summer driving.

Encourage Drivers to Stay Hydrated

Drinking water instead of carbonated beverages and sugary drinks can help ward off dehydration related sluggishness, not to mention sugar crashes behind the wheel. Not only does water hydrate well, preventing sleepiness related to dehydration, but it also promotes mental clarity behind the wheel allowing fleet drivers to be more responsive to what’s going on around them. You may even consider providing several bottles of water to drivers as they head out to encourage them to drink water and keep extra water handy.

Create Policies for Driving in Work or Construction Zones

It’s not enough to send memos. You need to create policies, educate drivers, and make them sign off on the education they’ve received. In addition to the policy for being more mindful in work zones, you need to also define consequences for actions like speeding in work zones and other activities that could contribute to accidents with other drivers or roadway workers.

Mind Your Maintenance

Keep your vehicles in tip-top running conditions to avoid accidents and breakdowns on the road. This includes monitoring fluid levels, checking tire inflations, and monitoring your brakes to make sure they don’t need a little attention too. One thing you can do, especially during hot summer months, is use GPS fleet tracking to set up automated maintenance scheduling and checks for all vehicles in your busy fleet.

Track the Weather When Planning Routes

Heat isn’t the only danger when it comes to summertime weather. Summertime storms can crop up out of the blue bringing torrential rain, lightning, tornadoes and more. Keep a weather eye toward the road your drivers are traveling and encourage a safety first attitude for driving on roadways that are covered in water, when visibility is reduced, and when driving conditions are hazardous.

These tips won’t prevent all accidents and injuries for fleet vehicles, but may greatly reduce the risks for vehicles in your fleet. GPS fleet tracking can help you monitor driver safety and keep your vehicles well-maintained to help prevent accidents too.

Interesting in implementing GPS fleet tracking in your business? We can help. Contact us at 1-888-544-0494 here at LiveViewGPS.

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