How Your Satellite TV Installation and Repair Company Can Benefit from GPS Fleet Tracking

30 Jan 2017

Satellite TV installation and repair companies can be involved in many installations and repairs over the course of a day.  This means you may have many trucks on the road at any given time. Something as simple and affordable as GPS fleet tracking can help you streamline your entire day saving your business time, valuable resources, and money – all the while creating better relationships with your valuable customers.

These are just a few ways your satellite installation and repair business can benefit from GPS tracking for your fleet.

Plan More Efficient Routes

By creating more efficient routes your drivers are able to address the needs of more customers in the each day, consume less fuel while carrying out their duties for the day, and keep your customers happier by providing more accurate appointment windows.

All of these things can be accomplished by using GPS fleet technology to plan the routes for the day – as well as to accommodate emergencies that arise based on the proximity of drivers within the area.

Locate Drivers Quickly and Efficiently

If billing disputes arise, customer complaints about the amount of time you spent on the worksite, or  claims made that you never showed up to complete the repair or installation, you have a record of where your trucks and drivers were at all times to show customers who may have concerns.

GPS fleet tracking allows you to stand behind your drivers when false claims are made against them and gives you an opportunity to get to the bottom of things if those claims prove to be accurate. Either way, you know without a doubt where your drivers – or at least your vehicles – were at the appointed hour.

Encourage Improvements in Driver Safety

Nothing encourages safe driving and adherence to the law quite like having a police officer ride behind you. While GPS fleet tracking doesn’t provide exactly the same degree of oversight, knowing that you are looking over their shoulders for signs of speeding, reckless driving, and other potential problems behind the wheel is often a substantial incentive for drivers to behave responsibly while making their rounds to install and repair satellites around town. This helps avoid tickets that raise insurance rates, but it also helps to raise opinions of your business within the community.

Keep up with the Maintenance Needs of Your Vehicle

One of the untold heroes of the GPS tracking story for your fleet of satellite repair trucks is the automated scheduling for routine maintenance. Keeping your vehicles well maintained can save you countless dollars on repairs and help you avoid accidents. It’s worth its weight in gold.

With so many large and small reasons to consider fleet tracking for your satellite television installation and repair business, the only question remaining is why not?

If you own or manage a satellite TV installation or repair company, contact us here at LiveView GPS to learn more about how GPS fleet tracking can benefit you in the above ways and beyond. Toll Free: 1-888-544-0494  Direct: 661-294-6805



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