Saluting America’s Truckers Who Are Going the Extra Mile

2 Apr 2020

Coronavirus. It’s something few Americans gave much of a thought about while ringing in 2020 on New Year’s Eve. Just three short months later, it’s all Americans can think about. As nurses and doctors many the front lines in this fight and American citizens practice social distancing, wash our hands, and hunker down to ride out this storm, it’s truckers who are among the unsung heroes delivering critical medical supplies and essential goods to hospitals and grocery stores across the country.

As the world tilts and shifts for everyone across the country, citizens have flocked to grocery stores to stock up on essentials. Items everyone takes for granted, such as hand soap, sanitizer, toilet paper, and even food are suddenly in short supply on retail shelves. It has been up to America’s truck drivers to step up to the plate to deliver the home run for the American people.

Now, the American Trucking Associations, ATA, which is the largest national trade association for the trucking industry, is calling on Americans to salute the men and women who are working long hours, pulling extra shifts, and travelling extra miles across the country.

What a Ride It has Been (for Truckers and the Country)!

It was only January 30, 2020 that the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus outbreak, which is believed to have originated in the Wuhan province of China before spreading to other countries, as a significant concern, citing it as a “public health emergency of international concern.” Since then it has spread around the world, finally becoming identified as a pandemic on March 11, 2020.

Since that stark proclamation, Americans have had their worlds turned on end. People are out of work, schools and public gatherings have been cancelled, and those fortunate enough to have jobs are often working from home. In public, people are standing six feet apart (social distancing in action), and not touching, hugging, etc.  And many of them are buying out the stores buying up essentials and more in anticipation of weeks, or even months at home.

Our truck drivers, though, are out there on the streets delivering goods every day to make the weeks and months ahead more tolerable for homebound Americans. They deserve our profound gratitude and as they go about their important jobs of delivering the goods that keep us safe and fed during the days and weeks ahead. For truckers on the road today, and the managers helping them get to their destinations, GPS fleet tracking can help you deliver goods more effectively, in less time, so you can give your truckers the breaks they so richly deserve.

We here at LiveViewGPS salute the efforts of all our drivers as they step up to the front lines in the nation’s war against coronavirus

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