How Refrigerated Truck Fleets Can Benefit from GPS Fleet Tracking

11 Sep 2017

GPS fleet tracking has a lot more than you may realize to offer your refrigerated truck fleet. In fact, you may be surprised by how well GPS fleet tracking tools can help you accomplish your goals. Because today’s fleet tracking tools are so highly customizable, you can adjust them to meet needs specific to refrigerated trucks as well as the standard tasks GPS fleet tracking is known to aid with.

Here are just a few things GPS fleet tracking can do for your refrigerated truck fleet:

Optimize Routes for Greater Fuel Efficiency

When you use GPS fleet tracking to help you plan more efficient routes, you can save a great deal of money in fuel, that is certainly true. You might also discover, though, that you’ve saved a great deal of money by keeping your drivers on route, on task, and by reducing the time they spend on the road each day. This means more money in your pockets because more jobs get done in fewer hours each day!

Address Potential Problems before they Become Disasters

Set up alerts to notify you when certain conditions occur, such as power disconnections, temperatures falling above or below specified ranges, route deviations, and unscheduled stops along the way. This will alert you to potential problems so you can monitor the situation more closely to determine if it might be beneficial to seek assistance or even switch trucks to maintain the proper temperature or insure timely delivery of goods. You are aware of any situations that occurred throughout the delivery process for your records as well as for your customers.

Works for Large and Small Fleets

The true beauty, though, of using GPS fleet tracking for your refrigerated truck fleet is that it is completely scalable – making it work with small and large fleets alike to help you keep your cool no matter what’s going on in the world outside your refrigerated vehicles.

Quality control is always important. Properly used, GPS fleet tracking can help you ensure your customers and compliance officials that you have gone the extra mile to guarantee that your shipments are delivered in the right time and at the right temperature each and every time. Now is the perfect time to put this critical technology to work for your refrigerated truck fleet.

Want to learn more? Give our expert GPS fleet tracking representatives a call at 1-888-544-0494 to discuss these benefits and more.

5637080 – this is a picture of 18 wheeler refrigerated semi truck loading at a warehouse building dock.



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