Rash of Fleet Ambulance Thefts: And What You Can Do to Prevent It

11 Dec 2018

Happening far more frequently than anyone would like to consider, ambulance theft is becoming a big problem for EMS services fleets across the country. The following theft occurrences are among some of the more recent events:

As you can see, these events are far from isolated, making them a big problem for ambulance companies who must find new and inventive ways to prevent the theft of ambulances and the chaos these thefts bring. These are a few things you can do help deter thefts of your ambulances.

Lock the Doors to the Ambulance

While it may be counterintuitive, in situations where seconds matter, to lock the doors, it can actually be critical for saving lives by preventing thieves from driving off with ambulances while paramedics attempt to secure patients and prepare them for transport.

Assign One Person to Monitor Vehicles

This is especially useful to do in situations where there are multiple units responding to an event. In some municipalities, it is common for law enforcement, fire, and paramedics to respond to all 9-11 calls. The odds are good that one person, from the multitude of responders, can be identified to guard all vehicles, preventing thefts for all departments.

Work to Reduce Time Vehicles are Unattended

It doesn’t matter if drivers are on lunch breaks, at hospitals, or responding to calls, there are times when the vehicles are left unattended. It needs to be the goal of every EMS service provider to limit the amount of time all their vehicles are unattended to reduce risks of theft of vehicles, supplies, and more.

Install GPS Fleet Tracking on Ambulances

While this isn’t necessarily a preventative measure for deterring ambulance theft, it can be instrumental in the quick recovery of the ambulance and prosecution of the thieves who steal them. GPS fleet racking allows you to follow the ambulance as it leaves the scene of the theft and travels across time. This simple fact allows law enforcement to quickly recover ambulances (which in most communities will be a priority).

Preventing ambulance theft is one of the most important things EMS providers can do to help avoid risky situations where lives are placed at risk as the result of a stolen ambulance at a critical moment. The steps above can be instrumental in preventing thefts and recovering stolen property quickly.

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