Best Practices for Implementing a Fleet Driver Incentive Program

13 Aug 2018

Implementing a fleet driver incentive program is a fantastic way to promote overall safety among drivers, achieve specific goals for your organization, boost employee morale and to instill company loyalty among your fleet drivers.  And there are few things better than a little healthy competition to spark engagement.

These best practices will help you make your driver incentive program a roaring success for your organization.

Clearly State the Incentive Program Objective

Drivers need to understand what the goals of the fleet driver incentive program. It could be that you’re working on one specific goal, like reducing idling times, or you’re trying to improve overall fleet safety and measuring maintenance, safe driving, and other practices designed to promote safety.

Understanding the objective better helps to promote a cohesive understanding among those participating. It helps if you go beyond the simple goal and explain the reason it’s so important to your entire organization to provide further, personal, incentive for the drivers to participate.

Define Success

Your incentive program must clearly state what’s required of drivers to attain success within the program. It may mean meeting a specific metric or simply improving metrics by a specific percentage like reducing idling time by 35 percent. You can even make it a competition, with a driver who achieves his or her target metric by the widest margin getting an additional prize.

Measure Progress

You must have an accurate system in place for measuring the progress of your fleet drivers in place before the challenge or program begins. Otherwise, you’re left taking drivers words for it and you may not affect any lasting change within your organization. GPS fleet tracking is an excellent tool to help with this and more. Not only will it measure various metrics for you, but it will send daily reports and updates, so you can monitor progress and make announcements throughout the month to encourage employees.

Proper Incentives

After all, what’s an incentive program if you don’t have the proper incentives in place to encourage participation? Cash is the king of all incentives and may be the perfect one to offer your drivers. If you want to sweeten the deal, you might consider gift certificates, so they can take their families out to eat on their days off or even amusement park or event tickets. Have a clearly defined prize to offer every driver who completes the program and see just how quickly you get drivers on board.

Incentive programs can be excellent for affecting change in the workplace. Especially if you’re trying to change driver behavior. Despite the common myth that it only takes 21 days to create a new habit, the truth is actually closer to 66 days, according to Huffington Post. Keep this in mind when creating programs and make the program long enough for the changes to become lasting in the minds of your drivers.

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