According to Vox, two of every three flood-related deaths from the year 1995 through 2010 (excluding Hurricane Katrina) occurred in a motor vehicle. Storms do not have to be major hurricanes to put the lives of your fleet and drivers at risk.

These seven things will help you protect them both whenever storms occur.

  1. Set Up a Communication Network Before the Storm

If you have drivers on the road, on a regular basis, then you know storms are likely to affect your drivers and your fleet on occasion. There are few places in the country that never deal with rain or storms of any kind. You need to have a communication system in place to deal with widespread power outages. It can be a mobile phone chain with your drivers, Facebook group, Twitter check-ins, or even a fleetwide text alert system. Everyone needs to know what to do.

  1. Create Policies about Road Conditions

Drivers need to know the official company stance on when they should not be driving on the road.

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For many businesses, the idea of geofencing remains a bit of a foreign concept. You might feel it is something largely unnecessary for you and your business. Some business owners feel it is only necessary for businesses that have high-dollar assets.

But once you get down to it, all businesses have valuable assets of one kind or another. Assets that need to be protected. Geofencing through GPS tracking is a smart way to accomplish that goal. These are just a few benefits your business can enjoy by using geofencing wisely.

Reduce Equipment Theft

Far too many businesses focus on using geofencing solely to secure inventory and forget about the valuable tools, machinery, and equipment your business owns and operates. Even expensive hand and power tools are often stolen, accidentally, by employees who stick them in their pockets to free up hands and forget about them.

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Keyless cars can be incredibly beneficial and convenient to drivers in today’s fast-paced society. We’re always on the go and often have both hands full in the process. Keyless cars allow you to open car doors and even enter your vehicle based on the proximity of the key.

Before you jump on board, though, there are some drawbacks to consider. Arming yourself with the facts about the strengths and weaknesses of a push button start for your car can help you make better-informed decisions when shopping around.

What are Keyless Cars?

Not to be confused with keyless remote start for a vehicle, which relies on you using a button on the fob to start your car, but then requires the key to be inserted into the ignition to drive the car, keyless cars operate without inserting a key into the ignition.

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