How GPS Fleet Tracking Helps to Safely Transport Fragile or High-Value Goods

10 Mar 2020

Transporting delicate, fragile, or high value goods can be tricky proposition without the right technology on your side. Once upon a time, it involved a wide range of stops and starts to check the juxtaposition of the high-value or delicate items. Now, there are tools and technology that can help you get more mileage from your efforts with certainty that your precious cargo arrives at its intended destination without getting lost in the transition.

Install GPS Tracking on Individual High-Value Items

Many trucks on the road today have GPS fleet tracking already installed. Unfortunately, that doesn’t necessarily stop thefts that occur at truck stops or when trucks are caught in traffic, etc. Nor does it completely deter employee assisted theft of valuable items.

Install GPS tracking on the individual items, however, can greatly reduce the instances of theft and aid in the swift discovery of thieves while delivering real-time data about where these high-value items are located.

Not only does it help to protect the reputation of the company transporting these items by providing swift recoveries when stolen and excellent deterrence to thieves. It also helps provide peace of mind to consumers that their goods are protected while in transit.

Reduce Insurance Rates

Believe it or not, by safeguarding the goods in transport with GPS tracking, you are reducing your risks of theft and the odds of recovering items that are stolen. Insurance companies love this and are all too willing to share that love by rewarding you with lower insurance rates for your cargo.

The other way that pays off in lower insurance rates is that you can monitor driver behaviors, heading off problematic speeding, reckless driving, aggressive driving, etc. with GPS fleet tracking. This helps to reduce your risks of accidents that would otherwise damage items you’re transporting. It’s an all-around win for your organization when you use the benefits GPS has to offer for the good of all parties.

Improve Maintenance Matters

Depending on the size of your fleet, keeping up with preventative maintenance can be a real struggle. GPS fleet management can solve that problem for you by automating the scheduling of routine maintenance for your vehicles. This includes everything from tune-ups and oil changes, to those all important tire and brake checks. These types of issues can prevent accidents, save lives, and spare cargo from damage resulting from maintenance-related accidents.

These are just a few quick ways you can use GPS fleet tracking to help move fragile and high-value goods safely and efficiently across town or across the country.

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