GPS Tracking for Street Sanitation and Maintenance Fleets

10 Mar 2020

GPS tracking for street cleaning fleets is one of the best gifts you can give your bottom line. When you use GPS fleet tracking for street sweepers, you save your business on fuel, labor, and time by creating more fuel efficient routes, eliminating double coverage, and keeping your sweepers on task for the duration of their shifts. It’s a win for your organization and provides essential services for your communities.

Big Picture Route Planning

GPS fleet tracking software is able to manage in seconds what would otherwise take weeks to properly plan. With so many changes in real estate, landscapes, and even roadways occurring in growing cities, it is always wise to consult GPS fleet tracking services before planning new areas to your street sweeping route. This can make sure that you’re not hitting some streets multiple times by multiple drivers while missing other key streets you’re responsible for.

This kind of big picture route planning is essential for making the most of your routes and getting the most from your drivers – in as little time as possible. It helps you save money on fuel, labor, and more; which increases your profits.

The other side of big picture route planning is that it allows you to factor in things like rush hour traffic to minimize frustrations when dealing with high-traffic areas while trying to clean the streets.

Improved Maintenance Scheduling

Reduce breakdowns and accidents, while extending the life of your street sweepers by utilizing the maintenance scheduling tools in your GPS fleet tracking software. These tools can help you make sure your sweepers are in top operating condition (which also improves fuel costs for your business). Routine maintenance also prevents lost labor during breakdowns and lost business during costly equipment repairs. A little preventative maintenance can save your company big with fewer vehicle breakdowns and replacements related to poor maintenance.

It also boosts driver job satisfaction when they aren’t worried every time they go out that their sweepers are going to break down or stop running altogether. No one wants to be stuck in traffic when these types of breakdowns occur.

Verify Job Completion

Nothing is worse than being accused of not doing the work. Once upon a time it was one’s word against the other. GPS fleet tracking can not only verify that your drivers drove the routes they were assigned, but it can also be set to verify that the sweeping equipment was in motion at the time.

There are many ways GPS tracking can help your street sanitation business in the coming year. These are just a few brief examples of how it can help.

If you manage a street sanitation fleet and are interested in learning more about GPS tracking for fleets, give us a call here at LiveViewGPS at 1-888-544-0494.

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