There are various reasons why you should install a GPS tracking device in your fleet vehicles. Each company will have its own reasons for using a GPS tracker. Some companies are looking to be able to find their assets anywhere, at any time. They want to know where their vehicles have been and how long they’ve been there for.

Others may want to assess driver behavior and be alerted if poor driving behavior occurs that they need to handle quickly. A plug and play (PNP) GPS tracking device can get you set up quickly to start tracking and monitoring your fleet in real time.

Plug and Play GPS trackers hook right up to a vehicle’s OBD-II port (On-board diagnostics). All vehicles manufactured after 1996 should come with an installed OBD-II port located usually next to the steering wheel.

Benefits of Plug and Play GPS Tracking Devices

There are many benefits to using a PNP GPS tracking device. They install discretely and easily. They’re secure, durable and totally self-contained. They don’t require any hardwired connections, thereby making it incredibly simple to install into a vehicle with an OBD-II port. Other benefits include:

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For many businesses, the timeline for deliveries is critical for keeping your customers happy, reducing your labor costs, and maximizing your profits. Whether you are delivering to individual customers as a B2C business or delivering to other business with critical B2B deliveries, making deliveries more efficiently makes your business more money at the end of every day — especially when you’re competing against big box businesses, like Amazon and Walmart, that offer two-day shipping and deliveries.

Below are seven ways your business can improve delivery times so you can enjoy its many benefits.

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The IRS has increased the standard mileage rate by 3.5 cents per mile for 2019 over last year’s rates, making the new standard mileage rate $0.58. The increase is designed to address things like rising fuel and vehicle costs. While it doesn’t account for regional differences in prices and maintenance requirements, it does offer a little relief for fleets feeling the pinch of higher costs.

The rising costs go far beyond fuel, though. Other increased expenses fleets are facing in the challenging year ahead include:

  • Increased vehicle maintenance costs.
  • Rising vehicle costs (including increases in costs related to technological advances and safety features on new vehicles).
  • Higher insurance costs.

While you do have the option of tracking the actual costs of using your vehicles, this offers a simpler solution. Especially for larger fleets.

How Can GPS Tracking Help?

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