GPS Tracking for Landfill Operators

2 Jun 2020

GPS tracking for landfill operators is not an optional factor in today’s competitive  marketplace; it’s a necessity.  Competition is fierce, even among landfill operators, and every edge and advantage GPS vehicle tracking offers is one your business cannot afford to operate without. Not only can you use GPS fleet tracking for your vehicles to help save your fleet money, but you can also use them to help you make more money over the course of a year.

Monitor and Track Performance

There is always a push to invest in the latest technology to make sure you have the most to offer your customers when it comes to performance, efficiency, and overall effectiveness. We all want bigger, better, faster, and more. However, it’s difficult to monitor and track performance if you replace all your vehicles at once.

However, using GPS vehicle tracking you can measure real data to make sure it is worth upgrading your entire landfill operator fleet or to wait for something even better to come along.

Track Driver Behaviors in Real Time

Your vehicles work largely out of sight. That means you can’t keep an eye on drivers to make sure they’re following the rules and driving responsibly. GPS tracking for your vehicles changes that though, giving you eyes and ears, to a degree, inside the vehicles to make sure drivers aren’t speeding, hard braking, driving aggressively, swerving, and other activities behind the wheel that paint your landfill in a negative light, risk lives, or create hazards on the road.

GPS tracking for landfill fleets can send detailed information about driver activities as well as instant notifications, in real time, when drivers do any of the things listed above.

Reduce Time Theft from Your Drivers

Time theft is another big problem that GPS tracking can help you get a handle on. Not only does it prevent drivers from misrepresenting the amount of time they are actually taking care of business for your landfill by milking time in the parking lot and other actions. It also helps to prevent drivers from claiming to be working for your organization while actually taking care of personal errands on company time.

Automate the Maintenance Scheduling Process

Finally, it can help you save money on breakdowns, maintenance related accidents, and frequent vehicle breakdowns by automating the maintenance process to keep your vehicles on the roads longer.

Every small step to make your fleet more productive and profitable can help your landfill operation grow and expand in the coming years. GPS tracking for landfill operators can be an important step in the process of getting you there.  Contact us here at LiveViewGPS to learn more. 1-888-544-0494

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