Nationwide, as recreational boating gains popularity, each year more boats, equipment, trailers, electronics and personal possessions are being stolen.

Thieves can steal boats on water or land. Thieves have even swum through canals to scout boats and docks out. Many have used trucks and trailers to steal boats. Once a thief gets their hands on your boat, they can strip it, clone it or take it overseas. Stripping is where they remove your boat’s identifiers, including the boat’s hull identification number (HIN). When thieves clone a boat, they place a lower end model’s (often purchased legitimately) identifiers and place them on the higher end model they stole.

Here are some tips to help you reduce your boat theft risk.

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Messages in bottles may sound so old and antiquated. But technology is putting a new spin on this time-honored tradition. In July 2018 a bottle containing a message and GPS tracking, was dropped into the ocean from a ship located just south-east of Iceland.

The project sponsoring the GPS tracked bottled message was designed to show how plastic and other garbage in oceans travel. The goal is to raise consumer awareness about litter and pollution throughout Iceland and beyond.

The project was a collaboration between eleven-year-old Atli Svavarsson, Verkis, and a popular Icelandic television scientist and children’s book writer. Atli, the eleven-year-old at the heart of the project believes garbage thrown into the oceans travels further than most humans realize and believes this project will show ordinary people just how far-reaching the consequences of oceanic pollution are.

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Many businesses fully understand the benefits GPS tracking has to offer. Law enforcement is another sector that can realize the amazing benefits GPS fleet tracking technology brings to the table. These are just a few of the amazing benefits law enforcement can enjoy by adopting GPS tracking technology for your officers.

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