If you’re thinking about buying a bike, be prepared for a long wait. According to Fox Business, we can expect a bike shortage to continue through 2021.

As Covid-19 spreads throughout cities in the U.S. and discourages the use of subways and buses, many people are starting to turn to a different mode of transportation – bikes.

Nationwide bicycle and equipment sales and repair services have increased twice as much as this same time last year. Some sales statistics that same month include:

  • Fitness and commuter bikes increased by 66%
  • Children’s bikes increased by 59%
  • Leisure bikes increased by 121%
  • Electric bikes increased by 85%

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Transporting children safely to school, home, and on countless field trips is a number one priority for schools. Connected school buses can help with that.

Without effective communication with school buses, minor incidents can escalate quickly. Creating connected school buses can help to eliminate many of the common communication concerns that make minor issues far more complex.

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When you have a loved one with dementia, you’re bound to worry about them living independently. However, there are many ways you can help them stay safe and still allow them their sense of independence.

  1. Help Them Become Social

Individuals with dementia who are living by themselves, often can’t manage their day-to-day activities that well when they’re feeling lonely. The good news is you can get them involved socially such as encouraging them to:

  • Chat with people regularly
  • Join a support group
  • Read to kids at the library
  • Volunteer at a community organization or local school

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