Carjackings On the Rise: GPS Tracking Can Help Track Down Stolen Vehicles

19 Jan 2022

Carjackings have become a more ubiquitous problem in recent years.From Philadelphia and Chicago to Washington DC to Minneapolis, in cities all over the country, carjackings are becoming more common. While closing your car windows and locking your doors is an obvious solution, it’s often not enough to stop someone from breaking into your car and driving away with it in a vehicular hijacking.

So, what can you do to prevent your car from being stolen? The most practical solution is getting a GPS tracker for your vehicle.

GPS Tracking as a Carjacking Defense

While installing a GPS tracker in your vehicle won’t stop a carjacker from getting into your car, it’s the best hope people have for getting their car back. GPS trackers provide real-time GPS location, allowing you to locate your car wherever it is.

In Minneapolis, for example, the number of carjackings in 2021 was five times more common than in two years before, in 2019.

To combat this rising problem, people in Minneapolis, and other cities, have been installing GPS trackers into their cars. In many cases, GPS trackers provided to local authorities have allowed them to track down the stolen vehicles, apprehend the criminals, and return the vehicles back to their rightful owners.

A GPS tracker is a durable, long-lasting tracking device that sends an accurate, real-time location to your cell phone or other devices. It uses reliable satellite data to send the location of the device at regular intervals. It also alerts the user when it reaches certain boundaries or speeds, and allows you to check its location whenever you choose.

GPS trackers for cars are not only helpful for returning your stolen vehicle to you. but can help your business too. GPS trackers allow fleet managers to monitor drivers’ behavior, making sure that they are driving safely and going where they need to. They make it easier to check up on drivers, reroute drivers, and give them the safest and most optimal routes. It can also allow you to tag important inventory and will help you improve your business’s productivity across the board.

So whether you’re someone who wants to add an extra layer of security to your vehicle in case it’s stolen, or a business owner that wants to improve productivity and better monitor your drivers, a GPS tracker is a great option. The safety, security, and additional data regarding your drivers’ locations and driving habits will make the purchase one of the most valuable assets in your company.

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