The freight rail industry is one of the supply chain sectors that is keeping America moving as our nation fights COVID-19. Across the U.S., trains, running day and night, are delivering food, pet supplies, household goods, and more to our stores to keep our lives going as best as possible during this pandemic. And, rail operators have stepped up to this unprecedented challenge, with their hard work and dedication day in and day out, and we thank them for that.

GPS Tracking for Railways

GPS tracking for railways is changing the way railways operate today. It offers greater efficiency and control for railway cars and containers. You may even elect to use GPS asset tracking for valuable items in individual cars. This offers benefits that go beyond simple logistics and tracking. They help you provide customers with the ability to track their items in transit. These are just a few critical ways rail companies benefit from GPS tracking.

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NTSB is recommending a mandatory Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) screening and treatment for highway and rail workers in safety-sensitive positions. And, includes the recommendation that FMCSA implement a program identifying truckers with OSA as well as making the OSA screening recommendations by FMCSA Medical Review Board easily accessible to medical examiners and asking examiners to use these recommendations as a guide when assessing the OSA risk.

Undiagnosed and untreated OSA remains fatal on the railways and roads and causes too many accidents that could be prevented.

OSA is a type of condition where people’s airways are obstructed while they sleep. Usually this results in:

  • Loud snoring
  • Interruptions in breathing that last a few seconds at a time
  • Hypoxia at night
  • Non-restful sleep

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A common assumption individuals make when hearing the term GPS is that GPS navigation and GPS tracking are the same. But, even though they both utilize Global Positioning Satellites, they’re different services and devices.

What Is GPS Navigation?

With GPS navigation, it’s usually referred to using a device, built-in navigation system in your vehicle or an app to gain directions or find your way so you can get to your destination without getting lost. GPS navigation devices and apps receive data from GPS satellites based on data you input into them like a landmark or address you’re trying to reach.

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