Whether you’re looking to up your game for Valentine’s Day flower delivery or you’re looking for all-around improvements for your business GPS fleet tracking for floral companies can make a world of difference for your business, your drivers, and your customers. These are just a few ways GPS fleet tracking can help your florist company.

  1. Improve the customer experience.  With GPS tracking, customers can sign up for notifications of delivery, so they know when, and where, the flowers were delivered. If they’re in the “doghouse,” for instance, they can see right away when it should be safe for them to call their spouse’s and seek to make amends. At the same time, they can know when flowers for occasions like births of babies, weddings, and even funerals deliver – for their own peace of mind. The bottom line is that customers like alerts like these and it is simply good business to offer them.

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Fleet management is even more essential in the wintertime and helps to ensure your fleet drivers’ safety. More than 5,891,000 vehicle accidents occur every year, according to the Federal Highway Administration. Around 21% (almost 1,235,000) of these accidents are due to the weather.

These accidents occur in adverse weather like:

  • Sleet
  • Rain
  • Fog
  • Snow
  • Blowing snow/debris/sand
  • Severe crosswinds

They also occur on slick pavement like slushy/snowy pavement, wet pavement or icy pavement.

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GPS fleet tracking plays an important role in helping cable and telecom companies keep the lines of communication and information open for all their customers. Whether it is access to high-speed Internet or the latest news or reality television programming your customers seek, GPS tracking for your service vehicle fleet helps you improve customer service, create more accurate appointment windows, and ensure your technicians are following prescribed routes and keeping accurate timelines.

These are just a few of the many ways GPS tracking can help your cable and telecom company operate more efficiently.

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