What are Geofences?

14 Dec 2022

If you have a dog, you may already be familiar with geofences. Although different in application, geofences are also a great tool for businesses. Geofences can be incredibly useful for businesses that can benefit from GPS fleet tracking, equipment monitoring, inventory management, and more.

What is a Geofence?

 A geofence is a virtual boundary that can be created to keep assets from leaving a certain area or alert you if an asset does leave the boundary. When it comes to dogs, a geofence may emit a sound or a small electrical shock to steer the dog back to your property.

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Transport businesses are the backbone of the supply chain. We rely on transport companies to get goods and passengers from one location to another.

Also, during the pandemic, we saw an increase in demand for the transportation industry as more people started to opt for delivery services that require transportation. This resulted in a number of problems in the global supply chain, and one issue facing many transport companies is the driver shortage.

In a world that is increasing its demand for transportation services, how do companies make their businesses more efficient to bridge the gap between their business output and high demand? One solution is GPS tracking for transport companies.

How do GPS Trackers Work for Transport Companies?

 GPS trackers allow transport companies to outfit every vehicle in their fleet with a GPS tracker. Active GPS trackers can monitor real-time location and allow dispatchers and managers to view the location of their drivers on the road. Also, GPS trackers come with additional features like the ability to monitor driving behavior.

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When your teen starts to drive, they assume a huge amount of new responsibility. While we all like to think that our teens are responsible when they’re out on the road, unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Also, it can be difficult to know what they’re really up to and if they are in fact being responsible when they’re not with us.

Because of the uncertainty that comes with teen drivers, many parents look for ways to check in on their teens. While there are apps like Find My Friends that allow you to monitor your teen’s location, they can always shut off their phone or disable the location services.

Therefore, many parents turn to GPS trackers. Active GPS trackers allow you to monitor the real-time location of your teen on the road. Furthermore, it can provide you with invaluable information regarding their driving behavior.

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