The MA State Police union decided to adopt GPS tracking where police cruisers will be tracked with a trade-off of modest pay raises in a recent agreed contract with the state.

Representing most of the 2,200 police officers, the Massachusetts State Police Association agreed in recent weeks to the contract terms, reported The Boston Globe on Tuesday. For the past two years, troopers have been working under an expired contract.

In light of the overtime corruption scandal through the state agency, Gov. Charlie Baker pushed for the use of GPS trackers. Dozens of troopers and supervisors, over the past couple of years:

  • Were accused of being paid overtime for hours they didn’t work
  • Tried to cover their absences by lying on paperwork.

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GPS tracking for executive car service fleets might seem unnecessary, but nothing could be further from the truth. No matter how well you know the towns you serve, the bottom line is that there’s always room for improvement when it comes to routing around stalled traffic, getting to new destinations on your city map, and finding the most expedient routes to your passenger’s desired location. But that is only the beginning.

These are a few other great reasons to consider GPS tracking for your fleet of executive car service vehicles.

Improves Customer Experiences

For many people, renting executive car services is about convenience rather than prestige, though that certainly doesn’t hurt your cause. What they want is a car service that will arrive promptly and get them to their destinations safely and on time. GPS fleet tracking can help you give them everything on their wish list of an executive car service by aid in in the dispatch process to sending the closest car their way which greatly reduces their wait time.

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Fishermen in South Florida are assisting fisheries scientists to learn more about swordfish and uncharted ocean depths through an innovative tagging program.

GPS tracking devices will help scientists Camrin Braun and Peter Gaube from the University of Washington to learn data about swordfish, which researchers claim spend the majority of their lives in the “ocean twilight zone.”

According to Gaube, the ocean layer where there’s enough light to see and orient is called the mesopelagic zone, but there’s not enough light to power photosynthesis. Gaube states they don’t know a lot about this zone and by instrumenting and tracking swordfish, they’ll learn more information about the functions of this ecosystem.

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