If you’ve considered GPS fleet tracking before, you know that it can help your business in a variety of ways: improving route optimization, monitoring driver behavior, and protecting your driver and company from litigation. But did you know that GPS fleet tracking can help mitigate and address theft problems from work trucks?

Not only are thieves breaking into trucks to steal tools and equipment, but some thieves even break in and drive away with the truck. In cases where the equipment might be large and valuable, it may be easier for thieves to run off with the whole truck than try unloading it into a different vehicle. Sometimes, work trucks can contain tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment, tools, or products, not to mention the truck itself.

Case in point: Los Angeles police have noted more and more work trucks that owners are using to store expensive tools and equipment are being stolen. In a news release published on 12/2/2021, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) encouraged the public to protect their trucks, tools and equipment with a GPS monitoring device.

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Hurricanes can create roadblocks and communication obstacles for anyone, including fleet drivers. Even if your truck fleet has successfully weathered hurricanes or less severe storms well in the past, these storms bring with them powerful winds and torrential rain, capable of  knocking out power, tearing down buildings, and causing storm surges up to 20 feet.

As a fleet manager that needs to keep their fleet on the road to make deliveries or to get to their client for a job, it’s essential you’re able to optimize routes all the time, but especially at times of severe storms, like hurricanes, that can wreak havoc on the roadways.

Here are five benefits you as a fleet manager can realize by having GPS tracking for fleets.

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The legalization and rise of the Cannabis market have made its position in our economy undeniable: it is expected to hit $24 billion in sales this year (2021). As more states legalize Cannabis, the industry grows and heads towards the legalization of Cannabis on a federal level. Cannabis companies have inevitably grown to suit the demands and needs of the multi-billion dollar industry.

With this growth, many companies have begun shipping their cannabis products and making deliveries via truck fleets. While the growth of companies’ fleets usually corresponds with the growth of their demand, a fleet of vehicles can pose a number of problems for a company, regardless of how necessary they may be.

To make sure your fleet is maximizing your revenue streams as a business owner, you want to be able to track vehicles for productivity reasons, so you know when certain products arrive at a given destination, to reduce fuel expenditures, maintenance costs, and more. Luckily, there is GPS tracking for marijuana dispensaries that can help you run your business more effectively.

Benefits of GPS Tracking for Marijuana Dispensaries

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