Everybody wants discounted insurance, so if you had the option of cheaper auto insurance, why wouldn’t you take it? In this case, vehicle recovery insurance discounts are discounts on insurance for individuals that have vehicle recovery systems, like GPS tracking, set up to track down a vehicle after it’s stolen. So, if you have GPS trackers installed, not only will you have cheaper auto insurance, but you’ll likely get your vehicle back too.

Why Do Insurance Companies Have Vehicle Recovery Insurance Discounts?

One reason insurance companies reward customers for using GPS tracking is because it encourages safe driving. Many insurers offer discounts up to 15% on insurance to businesses that use GPS tracking solutions.

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You may have heard that GPS fleet tracking can help managers optimize driving routes, evade busy areas, and help monitor where drivers are in real-time, along with many other things. But did you know that GPS fleet tracking can help with accident investigation and litigation?

If you’ve driven down a freeway at least a handful of times, you know that car accidents are, unfortunately, not uncommon. While drunk driving may be the cause of many accidents on the road, it is not the only, and not the number one cause of car and truck accidents either. Instead, distracted driving is the main cause of car and truck accidents.

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One of the more convenient things about modern life is that we can have almost anything we need delivered right to our door. However, for those who live in public neighborhoods, anyone can walk by our front door and potentially steal a package. Especially in the holiday season, porch pirates are a rampant problem. Luckily, experts have designed ways to reduce the likelihood of porch pirates and catch them if they do run off with your package.

1)  Use delivery signatures. 

Delivery signatures are one easy way to prevent porch pirates from running off with your packages. Instead of leaving the package at the door, some deliveries require a signature from the resident. While this is a very effective way of preventing stolen packages, because porch pirates can’t steal something off your porch if there’s nothing there, it is less convenient than the traditional drop at your door. 

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