5 High-Crime Fighting Tools

11 Dec 2017

As criminals become more tech-savvy, law enforcement and businesses alike are beginning to adopt more high-tech tools to help fight crime. These are some of the more interesting crime-fighting tech tools available for use today.

1) Scent Preservation Kits

Now we have the technology to use scents to track missing people. Especially useful in tracking elderly patients with dementia or children with autism, they can technically be used on anyone who has the forethought to utilize the technology.

The scent preservation kit is simple to use and only involves unscrewing the jar, using the gauze pads inside to wipe their scent from under their arms, then storing the gauze pads in the jars until a time if or when the scent is needed to aid in tracking.

2) GPS Tracking

While most people think of GPS tracking when it comes to tracking cars and trucks that may have been stolen, the benefits and usefulness of GPS tracking extends far beyond vehicles.

Banks are using GPS tracking technology in bait money to help track thieves, shipping and container companies are planting GPS devices on high-value items to deter theft (and track stolen merchandise), pharmacies are using it to catch prescription drug thieves, and police and emergency vehicles are using GPS tracking in a number of ways, including being able to quickly navigateto scenes where crimes are in progress.

3) Drones

Drones have been used for a variety of purposes over the years. One new purpose is to aid law enforcement in the evidence gathering process. But, there’s even more to it than that. During active events, drones can offer an overhead view of crime scenes and help to provide extra eyes on the situation to direct law enforcement where to safely go helping to prevent escalation in many situations and preserving lives of law enforcement and civilians alike.

4) Floroscein

This new chemical is more sensitive for detecting blood than luminol and safer to use – making it an effective tool for tracking blood, even after several cleanings, and investigating crimes.

5) Gunshot Detection Systems

Not only is the ability to detect gunshot in certain areas a significant crime deterrent for gun crimes, it is also an important safety tool – allowing law enforcement and emergency vehicles to respond more rapidly to the exact locations where gunshots were recorded.

Technology is making the world a safer place one new discovery at a time. These high-tech tools can aid local law enforcement in fighting crime, investigating crime, and formulating the appropriate responses when crimes occur. Plus, they are just the tip of the iceberg. Just imagine what new tech tools are just over the horizon for fighting crime!



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