How GPS Fleet Tracking Benefits Cold Chain Shipping

6 Dec 2017

When it comes to cold chain shipping, extra precautions must be made to ensure that the cargo you’re carrying is protected from the elements, throughout all aspects of the shipment. It doesn’t matter what type of cargo you’re carrying; the same degree of care and attention must be made to ensure the safe arrival of the materials being shipped.

GPS fleet tracking can be a crucial tool in ensuring the items you’re responsible for arrive safely at their appropriate destinations. Below are a few ways GPS fleet tracking can help.

Real Time Tracking for Customers

Not only is it important to you that your items arrive safely and on time, but also to the customers receiving these items. With GPS fleet tracking you can allow your customers to track the whereabouts of their shipments as well as monitor temperatures and other key details in real time along the way. This means you’ll experience fewer frantic phone calls from customers concerning their shipments and they can breathe easier knowing that all is well with their deliveries.

Receive Data Feedback in Transit

Live GPS fleet tracking allows you access to valuable data about shipments and cargo while they are being delivered. You no longer need to wait to download information about the shipment, you can have access, at any time to information about what is going and to verify compliance at any time during the shipment.

Improved Record Keeping

Records are extremely important when it comes to compliance and providing verification of consistent temperatures and other key details. Not only will the advanced record-keeping capabilities of a solid GPS fleet tracking system aid in the cold chain supply process, but also with your business records related to fuel consumption, driver behaviors, driver time on the road, and other key details along the way.

Better Route Planning

Better planning of routes, with the assistance of a fleet tracking system helps to ensure less time on the road for drivers, and cold chain cargo, and lower fuel (and labor) costs for your business. GPS tracking can help you plan routes that are more efficient for time, fuel, or find the best combination of the two to save your business the most possible money along the way while offering customers the comfort of knowing the route their cold chain supply items will take to reach their destinations.

With so many perks like these it’s a wonder that all cold chain supply organizations have not yet made the leap to GPS fleet tracking. If you haven’t done so already, now is the perfect time to make your move.



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