Implementing a Layered Strategy to Preventing Vehicle Theft

24 Jan 2019

We all know that layered strategies work best for many things in life. Preventing vehicle theft is another one of those things. These steps will help you implement a layered strategy designed to prevent your vehicles from being stolen.

Use Common Sense

Common sense strategies involve multiple steps and can be effective in their own rights. They involve standard safety procedures, like:

  • Locking your doors.
  • Securing your vehicle.
  • Parking in lighted areas or garaging your vehicle at home.
  • Hiding valuables inside the vehicle (don’t leave purses on the seat or expensive electronics in visible areas).
  • Tinting your windows, which helps to hide valuables inside.
  • Never leave your keys in the car.

It’s all about making your car a less attractive target. Doing these common sense things is the first step in the right direction.

Install Vehicle Alarm Systems

In some cases, the presence of an alarm alone is deterrent for inexperienced thieves. The better quality alarm system you purchase, the greater the deterrent becomes.

Use Visible Warnings and Devices

Thieves are most often looking for an easy score. Visible devices and warnings, like window decals advertising your car’s alarm system, and steering wheel lock bars, are highly effective for making thieves skip over your vehicle for less troublesome steals. This is especially the case when used in combination with other strategies discussed here, which is what makes layering your efforts so beautiful.

Invest in GPS Tracking

Despite your best efforts at layering your theft prevention tactics, thieves may still abscond with your vehicle. However, if you have GPS tracking installed in your vehicle, you can track vehicle movements, in real time, to facilitate a speedy recovery of your vehicle.

Consider VIN Etching

By etching the VIN number on the glass of your car, you’ve complicated things for thieves and that’s something they can see while targeting vehicles. VIN numbers etched into the glass means they must not only swap out parts but also change the glass on the vehicles they steal adding a greater investment of time and money into the project.

Install Vehicle Immobilizers

These nifty tools make it impossible for thieves to “hot wire” your vehicle since the engine won’t run unless the proper key is inserted into the lock or present in the vehicle.

Each one of the steps can be instrumental in preventing the theft of your vehicle and/or aiding in its recovery. Use them all for the greatest possible benefit and a layered approach to protecting your car.

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