GPS Tracking for Ski Resort Shuttle Buses

26 Feb 2019

Ski resorts rely on many tools and techniques to keep their slopes filled and skiers happy. While it may be something you’ve never thought of before, providing shuttle buses equipped with GPS tracking for skiers, shoppers, and those simply looking to take in the stunning views while exploring your resort is a great way to add value to the services you offer. These are just a few reasons to use shuttle buses for your resort.

Reduce Vehicle Congestion at the Resort

Bringing in a wide influx of vehicle traffic, many of whom aren’t accustomed to driving in the mountains or in the snow, can be tricky. Shuttle buses reduce the number of people flying in who will rely on rental cars to get to and from your resort. This reduces congestion during busy periods and helps to improve safety for all concerned.

Improve Guest Services

Another great benefit is that it makes guests happy to not have to worry about transportation going to the resort or leaving. Depending on how you operate your shuttle buses, you may choose to have buses travel to and from airports at certain times daily or allow guests to reserve shuttle bus usage when they book and schedule according to demand.

Using GPS tracking services in your shuttle buses helps you to offer guests the ability to locate and track shuttle bus arrivals and departures live, even when there are delays. This means they can go about their shopping, sightseeing, and other pursuits without waiting for a bus that is delayed due to weather, traffic, etc.

Don’t underestimate the value offering shuttle buses not only to resort guests but also to people who wish to ski for the day offers. It offers younger skiers and snowboarders who aren’t accustomed to driving in inclement weather opportunities to enjoy day trips when the powder is fresh and helps adult visitors to the area of all ages enjoy the scenery rather than paying attention to the roads.

Brings in Broader Audiences

Offering the simple convenience of shuttle services to your ski resort brings in new and diverse groups of guests. Some will come to see what it’s like while others will come with their eyes firmly turned toward the slopes. Either way, you’ll introduce your resort to a new audience, many of whom are likely repeat customers.

GPS tracking for your shuttle buses adds a new dimension to the services you offer, however, offering shuttle buses in the first place, puts your ski resort at an advantage over competitors who do not provide this important service.


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