You’ve probably heard by now that GPS tracking is a great way to keep up with fleet drivers, schedule routings, etc. for a variety of businesses. And you may have heard about using GPS tracking to monitor dementia patients, teen drivers, and even pets.

But, if your business involves rental equipment or inflatables, you may believe the benefits of GPS tracking do not really apply to you. Nothing could be further from the truth. Below you will find several ways your business can benefit by using GPS tracking for bounce house rentals and more.

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Multiple studies, including a new study conducted in the UK, have shown the advantages of utilizing GPS devices on patients with failing memories, speech difficulties or other conditions. This newest UK trial was conducted in Southampton, and the project was funded in part by the Alzheimer’s Society.

The study gathered information from individuals suffering from dementia, family members, police departments, charities and other researchers in an attempt to understand how GPS technology can help offer solutions for common issues these groups experience.

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Beer delivery fleets keep the world going Monday after Monday. While most people live for the weekend, it is the promise of a cold beer at the end of the workday that keeps many Americans getting through the daily grind.

Because so many people in so many industries depend on the goods you deliver, GPS fleettracking is an absolute must for your business. These are just a few benefits GPS tracking offers beer delivery fleets.

Increases Route Efficiency

Chances are that your trucks have been running the same routes for years, perhaps even decades. You may add new venues to your route without making a major overhaul of your routing assignments to accommodate the new business. This is where GPS tracking comes into play helping you to plan more efficient routes that do the following:

  • Conserve fuel.
  • Save time.
  • Generate less labor hours.
  • Keep your drivers on track and on route – even when delivering to new locations.

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