Christmas is coming. Chances are good that you have a new teen driver somewhere on your Christmas list. These gifts are ideal for teen drivers who are just beginning to get a taste of independence driving offers. Plus, some of them can help you feel a little more at ease about letting them on the road throughout the holiday season and beyond.

Quality Sunglasses

Whether your teen is driving in winter-weather conditions where snow glare is a constant problem or somewhere sunny and warm this winter, it is always a good idea for them to have as many pairs of quality sunglasses as possible. You want to buy sunglasses with appropriate protection from the sun’s rays as well as adequate glare reducing capabilities as well. Plus, a nod to fashion is something that’s never a bad idea.

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The National Insurance Crime Bureau published its annual holiday vehicle theft report for last year on October 19, 2018. This report conveys statistics regarding automobile thefts throughout the nation on some of the nation’s most celebrated days.

The Holiday Vehicle Theft Report of 2017

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Because there are many different types of GPS tracking devices, it is important to discuss how your GPS tracking device is powered. There are essentially three different ways to power GPS tracking devices. Here, we discuss each one and what they can mean for you.

Solar Powered GPS Tracking

Solar powered means the devices are powered by the sun. There are two important tracking devices powered in this manner to consider:

  1. Iridium Satellite Solar Powered Asset Tracker
  2. SmartOne Solar Powered Satellite Managed Asset Ready Tracker

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