For some teenagers, taking their driver’s license test can be very stressful. If they fail the test, it can be a huge source of embarrassment and a blow to their confidence. While you can’t retake the test for them, there are some things you can do to help your teen overcome their failed driver’s test.

Help Them Keep Things in Perspective

While your teen may feel like a failure, talk them through this situation and help them maintain a healthy perspective on whole thing. Sure, it may feel like a blow to their future by failing the test, but it’s definitely not the last chapter in their life story. Validate their feelings at first and let them know it’s okay to feel angry, upset or disappointed. Allow them to vent their frustration.

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Portable generators are highly useful. Not only can they help prevent food from going bad when the power is out in your home, but they can also power up outdoor home improvement projects when extension cords aren’t quite long enough, camping trips when you don’t want to completely “rough it,” and even to provide a supply of electricity for work sites for contractors.

They are also attractive targets for thieves. Why is this? Their value makes them attractive for reselling. They are easily portable. It is notoriously difficult to prove ownership when they are taken. There are things you can do, though, that will help protect your investment in your generator by deterring thieves, tracking your equipment, and identifying it as yours once it’s found.

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The National Insurance Crime Bureau is happy to report that data from 2017 reveals the prevalence of vehicular theft has continued to decline. The bureau suggests individuals who live in geographical hot spots for this type of crime should utilize four layers of protection to keep their property safe. As the layers of protection on your vehicle increase, the difficulty of stealing your car increases.

The Common-Sense Approach: This first level of protection doesn’t require a budget. Vehicle owners should protect their property by using common sense and remaining mindful about the potential for theft to occur. Basic safety tips should be followed such as parking in a well-lit area and securing your valuables out of view. Never leave your windows down. This practice only encourages car thieves who see an opportunity in your unsecured car. Make sure to lock your doors and bring your keys with you when you aren’t driving.

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