Because there are many different types of GPS tracking devices, it is important to discuss how your GPS tracking device is powered. There are essentially three different ways to power GPS tracking devices. Here, we discuss each one and what they can mean for you.

Solar Powered GPS Tracking

Solar powered means the devices are powered by the sun. There are two important tracking devices powered in this manner to consider:

  1. Iridium Satellite Solar Powered Asset Tracker
  2. SmartOne Solar Powered Satellite Managed Asset Ready Tracker

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Winter snow and sun glare not only hurt your eyes, but they can create hazardous driving conditions for fleet vehicles and ordinary passenger vehicles. There are things you can do to minimize the impact of winter snow and sun glare to help your drivers stay safer on the roads this winter.

The reflection of sunlight from the snow can be blinding and that can lead to a host of accidents if your drivers (and others on the road) don’t follow safer driving practices in these types of conditions.

Why is Snow Glare so Dangerous?

Among the biggest problems with snow glare is the fact that it’s a one-two knockout punch. You feel the instant prick of pain in a tender spot in the brain. The pain itself can linger long after the initial blast, impairing your ability to focus on what’s taking place on the road ahead of you.

The second part of the problem is that it affects your ability to see what’s happening on the road in front of you. That means it will take you longer to react to the unexpected and you may miss some things, like pedestrians or animals darting out in front of you ― or even other vehicles.

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For months, vehicles, tools and landscaping equipment continued to go missing in the city of Chicago. The Chicago Police Department worked tirelessly to crack the case, but the suspect continued to elude officers. On October 24, the department got a major break in the case when a victimized citizen called in to report he had been targeted for burglary. Chicago police were able to follow GPS tracking information straight to stolen goods.

The victim, whose vehicle had been stolen, told police officers that he used a GPS tracking device in his car. The empowered victim told the officers that he was able to turn on the device.

He followed the GPS tracker directly to his car at a specific warehouse on the West Side of the city. Police immediately responded to the tip. When they arrived on scene, they noticed several stolen cars. The department promptly requested a search warrant for the warehouse.

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