Accident litigation is big business for hungry attorneys interested in making a fast dollar at the expense of honest, hardworking businesses like yours. GPS fleet tracking can be your first line of defense against over-eager attorneys looking to play on sympathetic juries and cash out big paydays for their clients from which they can take home half or better. These are just a few ways GPS fleet tracking can help you mount a vigorous defense in truck accident litigation.

Verify the Number of Hours Driver Had Behind the Wheel

It’s difficult to argue with GPS when it comes to logging the number of miles driven by a driver and the hours it took to drive those miles. Because GPS fleet tracking offers real-time tracking, it keeps a record of the time, location, speeds, and distances traveled in a day.

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Last month, Newport News experienced two incidents of trailer theft. The first incident occurred on March 9th at around 1:20 in the morning. The theft happened at A-Hampton Roads Plumbing in front of Jefferson Avenue. The car trailer was stolen right from the lot.

The Vice President of A-Hampton Roads Plumbing, Kenny Cain, old news reporters that the trailer was sitting in the parking lot for literally only one night. Thankfully, the entire incident was recorded on a nearby surveillance camera.

Footage revealed a light-colored Nissan Armada pull up to the front of the building, and a suspect exits the car. The suspect appeared to be aware of the camera’s presence as he looks up eye-to-eye at the device before continuing his theft. The suspect is being described as a heavy-set man, and he was wearing a gray hoodie. He hooks the trailer up to his SUV and drives off. A police report was filed, and a detective was assigned to the case.

Days later on March 14th, another trailer theft occurred in a parking lot behind Rita’s Italian Ice. The owner of the store, Jerry Crissman, explained to news reporters that the theft occurred around two o’clock in the morning.

The suspect stole the trailer which was loaded with supplies. Crissman listed some of the items that were stolen including a big freezer, a generator, Italian ice, two carts, cups, a pushcart, spoons, a toolkit and an ice guy mascot. In total, the thieves got away with over $18,000 worth of merchandise. Crissman noted that the trailer was secured with several lock pads, so the thief must have known what he was doing.

Police are investigating both cases of trailer theft, and they haven’t stated whether the two cases are related or not. The increase in trailer thefts in the area has other trailer owners concerned about protecting their property. GPS asset tracking for trailers offers a potential solution for trailer owners.

These devices will allow owners to track their trailer through a mobile app, and they will be informed if their trailer begins moving unexpectedly. In the event your trailer is taken, police will have a great lead that can help them potentially recover your belongings safely.

If you own one or more trailers, and are looking for a way to recover it quickly in the event of theft, take a look at the GPS tracking products available from us here at LiveViewGPS

John Deere is more than a brand. For many farms and businesses across the country, it’s what keeps their businesses going — and growing. Whether your business owns a single piece of John Deere equipment or an entire fleet of John Deere’s, you need GPS equipment tracking to protect your investment. These are just a few ways GPS can help you get more from your John Deere tractors and other equipment.

Track Location of Your Equipment

Your John Deere may be the life’s blood of your business. It’s certainly not something you invested in lightly. You chose the name because it’s one of the best in the business. Unfortunately, others share your opinion, which makes John Deere equipment popular targets for theft and mischief.

GPS equipment tracking allows you to create alerts that notify you via email or text message anytime your equipment leaves assigned geographic parameters or operates during designated sleep times. This means you’ll be the first to know if someone tries to take your equipment.

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