Introducing change to your employees is always difficult. It is especially so when many employees will view the changes as something to be used against them, like they may view GPS tracking as.

That’s why you need to be cautious in how you introduce the idea to employees and avoid these five mistakes at all costs.

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With so many cars on the roads today operating via wireless remote for keyless entry, it’s creating a target-rich environment for relay thieves to hop inside and drive away in your precious car – no key fob required.

The problem is so widespread that reports 96 percent of motorists are at risks of having their cars stolen via relay attacks.

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Researchers Successfully Tag a Dhole. Wildlife scientists around the globe are ecstatic to hear that researchers were able to successfully place a GPS tracking device onto a dhole. This marks the first time in history that conservationists have been able to place a collar on one of these very rare Indian wild dogs. It’s estimated that less than 2,500 of these creatures still exist globally.

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