A recent research study conducted by the National Insurance Crime Bureau reveals that criminals are targeting specific vehicles to strip them of their expensive parts. The bureau explains that technology and the increase in expensive parts has contributed to the increase in car theft.

Vehicles such as the 2016 Toyota Camry, 2016 Nissan Altima and 2016 GMC Sierra pickup truck are often targeted for expensive stand-alone parts.

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If you’ve made the investment in an Airstream travel trailer, the odds are good that you have visions of adventure and travel in your future. Whether you’re on a mission to travel Route 66, have a goal of traveling to all 50 states, or you’re interested in driving down the Atlantic seaboard – all the way to Key West, an Airstream allows you to do so in comfort and style. However, this investment was not a small one.

When you buy an Airstream, you become part of a unique community, known as “Airstreamers” and there are some Airstream parks that are only available to Airstream travel trailers and do not accept other RV or travel trailer brands.

GPS trackers for Airstreams can help you protect your investment from theft and more. These are a few ways GPS tracking can help you get more from your Airstream adventure.

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Skid steers are useful tools for a variety of purposes. These versatile pieces of equipment are essential for construction businesses, excavation businesses, landscaping businesses, and many others.

Skid loaders are also quite an investment. That is why you should consider GPS equipment tracking. To protect your investment.

Below you will find important benefits for using GPS asset tracking for your skid loaders and other construction equipment.

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