Many patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s wander. It’s a common behavior for them and once they begin showing signs of behaviors for wandering, their chances of wandering and becoming lost is significant. As a loved one or caregiver of someone with Alzheimer’s, this can cause much distress.

Causes of Dementia and Alzheimer Wandering

Researchers believe dementia and Alzheimer’s patients wander due to unmet needs and overstimulation. Since they often aren’t able to communicate effectively, they can’t express what’s wrong. This leads them to wander out trying to find a solution. Sometimes they’re wandering to find their way back to a location they think is their home.

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Construction equipment theft can hit your business hard if you’re unprepared. Part of the reason is that construction equipment is fairly easy to target – some construction equipment even works with any keys from that particular equipment style. At a high price point the ease of simply driving equipment onto a truck and leaving with it makes it attractive targets for thieves.

Even worse, according to Construct Connect, less than 25 percent of construction equipment that is stolen each year is ever recovered. This includes wheeled and tracked loaders and a variety of other heavy equipment used on constructions sites and in manufacturing environments.

How Does Rampant Theft Affect Your Business?

Most businesses do have insurance to help cover the costs of theft. But, insurance only does so much. Plus, having claims increases the costs of having that insurance protection. These are just some of the ways the costs of wheeled and tracked loader theft add up for your business.

  • Insurance deductibles and/or replacement costs.
  • Lost productivity from missing equipment.
  • Time working with police and insurance companies to manage the problem.
  • Time procuring new loaders for your business.
  • Time lost training employees on new equipment. There are almost always some differences.
  • Higher insurance premiums.

As you can see, the costs are not small potatoes. Finding ways to curb those costs can be vital for your business.

What Can You do to Protect Your Equipment?

One of the most important investments you can make is to invest in GPS tracking for your wheeled and tracked loaders. These pieces of heavy equipment are important tools for your business. They are also expensive tools. GPS equipment tracking might not overtly discourage the theft of your equipment, but it can be instrumental in ensuring that you’re one of the 25 percent who is able to recover your stolen construction equipment.

How Does GPS Tracking for Your Loaders Work?

Depending on the specific type of GPS tracking you choose for your wheeled and treaded loaders, you must first install the GPS onto your loader. Once installed, you can set the GPS device to track the location of the loader at all time and to send notifications directly to you, through email or text message alerts, if your loaders move during designated sleep hours or if they leave certain geographic boundaries you’ve identified. Once you’ve been alerted to the possible theft you can notify police and provide them with the exact location of your equipment, aiding in its speedy recovery.

This helps you protect your loaders and keeps your costs down. It’s a win for everyone and the peace of mind it offers is priceless.

If you own a wheeled or tracked loader, consider GPS tracking for equipment to protect it.

GPS tracking for school buses is about so much more than creating more fuel-efficient bus routes. While that alone will make it worth the investment in most communities, GPS fleet tracking provides a wealth of other benefits you can’t ignore when it comes to school bus transportation for your K-12 school.

Monitors Driver Behaviors

As a  K-12 school manager or administrator, you have a lot on your plate when it comes to providing for the safety and security of children at all levels under your care. K-12 school administrators cannot personally be on every bus to make sure drivers are following traffic safety rules. You can, however, create GPS tattletales to inform you when they break certain safety rules like speeding, hard braking, etc.

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