Platooning is an emerging vehicle technology where digitally tethered convoys of two or more trucks travel closely together to reduce drag and increase fuel efficiency. Partially-automated truck platooning (PATP) is considered level one automation where drivers assistance is required for steering vehicles involved in the process and readily available to take over full driving responsibilities whenever it becomes necessary to ensure safe driving.

What Makes Platooning Work?

The primary technology behind platooning is vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) connectivity that allows vehicles within the convoy to communicate with one another. This allows them to follow more closely together than they would follow other vehicles. When vehicles that aren’t part of the convey merge in between vehicles within the convoy, the technology backs off to a safer distance and then returns once the other vehicle shifts lanes. Technologies that make this possible are largely available today and include:

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Your trailer is not only representative of a monetary investment you’ve made. It’s also a highly useful piece of equipment to own. Protecting that investment with these tips to safeguard your trailer from theft can help you maintain the usefulness of your investment for many years to come.

Add Locks and Deadbolts Wherever Possible

Most thieves prefer convenient targets. The more hurdles they must overcome to take your trailer, the less likely they will be to bother with it. These bolts and locks are all about making your trailer an unattractive target and they are more effective than you might realize – especially when you put them to use as intended.

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Introducing change to your employees is always difficult. It is especially so when many employees will view the changes as something to be used against them, like they may view GPS tracking as.

That’s why you need to be cautious in how you introduce the idea to employees and avoid these five mistakes at all costs.

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