Fuel costs are one of the biggest expenses today’s fleets face. As a fleet manager you have a lot on your plate, including the responsibility of answering for your fleet’s fuel costs to your bosses. There are some things you can do, though, that can help you greatly reduce your fuel costs making your bosses happy and securing your future within your organization.

  1. Manage maintenance more effectively.

Improving vehicle maintenance improves how effectively every aspect of the vehicle operates. This includes everything from keeping up with routine maintenance to practicing active preventative maintenance to reduce or practically eliminate breakdowns and maintenance-related accidents that cost your fleet extra fuel to correct.

  1. Invest in GPS tracking for fleet vehicles.

GPS fleet tracking is a fleet manager’s best friend when it comes to reducing fuel costs. It can help you, initially, by assisting in the planning of more fuel-efficient routes. Additionally, it can help ensure your drivers are sticking to their designated routes and notify you of deviation.

  1. Cultivate fuel-efficient driving behaviors.

Driver behavior costs more than you realize when it comes to fuel efficiency. Safe drivers who follow the rules of the road, avoid aggressive driving behavior, and do not speed will save your business a lot of money when it comes to fuel costs. It may take a little time to cultivate the types of driving behaviors that net the biggest savings. GPS tracking can help you with that by providing daily reports about driving behaviors so you can address issues immediately.

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Technology is changing the way the world does business. Agriculture and farming may seem far removed from the Silicon Valley and other technology supercenters, but that doesn’t mean technology has nothing to offer in these industries, though. In fact, if you’re not taking advantage of some of these technology advancements, you may be missing out on huge profit windfalls for your agricultural enterprise.

Why Do You Need to Take Advantage of New Technology?

Farmers work that land to make amazing things happen. Many of today’s farmers literally have it in their blood having worked for generations to make the land produce. Sometimes, change is hard, but there is no denying the good that can come from adopting agriculture technology, according to the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture who credits agricultural technology for a variety of benefits, including:

  • Increased crop yields.
  • Decreased use of fertilizers, water, and pesticides.
  • Reduces impact on the planet.
  • Fewer chemicals running off into rivers, streams, and groundwater.
  • Improvements in worker safety.

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In the eternal quest for fitness and health, there are all kinds of things you can do to track your personal fitness. From the latest technologically enhanced fitness bands to low-tech pedometers, and all points in between you, too, can track each and every step on your fitness journey.

Now, you can track the steps your chicken takes as well.

At least that is the case with one Chinese company that is GPS tracking their chickens to provide outstanding transparency and let you know that you’re getting chicken that is healthy and organic. This is made possible thanks to GoGo Chicken, which is a new GPS tracker for chicken.  The GPS tracking device is attached to the chicken’s leg and sends a constant stream of data related to the location of the chicken, what the chicken eats, and even how much exercise the chicken gets.

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