How GPS Fleet Tracking Can Give You Tighter Service Windows

24 Oct 2019

Tighter service windows mean you can work more appointments and service calls into your day. More than that, they mean you can have wonderfully satisfied customers who aren’t spending endless hours waiting on your arrival. It’s a total win for your business. One that can be enhanced with GPS fleet tracking.

These are just a few ways GPS tracking can help your organization honor tighter service windows.

Keeps Your Drivers on Track

Employees running personal errands on company time, making stops at convenience stores, or taking longer than allowed lunch breaks has traditionally been a problem for service-oriented businesses. One that costs them more than a few unsatisfied customers, endless additional fuel costs, and surprisingly costly additional labor hours. GPS tracking allows you to monitor driver locations at all times and will even report if drivers go ‘off route’ during the workday.

Automates Rescheduling Process

In football, there’s a term used to describe teams where injuries are abundant. Next man up. This same philosophy applies when dealing with rescheduling and canceling from customers. Rather than creating new work orders and wasting time driving to jobs that are no longer needed, the GPS system simply sends the driver to the next call on the list. No time wasted.

Prioritizes Routing to Make Appointment Windows

GPS tracking can be set up to prioritize specific appointment times and honoring those windows rather than on routing for fuel efficiency. While most occasions it will never become an either-or type of situation, it’s good for many businesses to know that option is available.

Route Around Traffic Jams, Accidents, etc.

Traffic can be a leading cause of concern for businesses interested in offering guaranteed appointment windows. It is frightening to know that one accident can mess up an entire afternoon of service calls. However, GPS tracking can help your drivers find ways around heavy traffic so they can make their appointment windows on time and on target.

Investigate Causes for Delays

When appointment windows are missed, it can be costly for your business. Especially if you offer on-time guarantees. They can also be important learning opportunities for the employees who were late to arrive. Use this as an opportunity to work with the employee to understand why the delay occurred. Some instances cannot be avoided – like the day the Interstate in Atlanta became a parking lot after a snowstorm in 2014. Others, though, can be avoided and GPS tracking allows you to retrace the driver’s step to learn where alternate actions might have saved the day.

GPS tracking can’t solve all the ills of the world. But it can help businesses have tighter service windows without worries about losing their shirts in the process.

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