We all know that layered strategies work best for many things in life. Preventing vehicle theft is another one of those things. These steps will help you implement a layered strategy designed to prevent your vehicles from being stolen.

Use Common Sense

Common sense strategies involve multiple steps and can be effective in their own rights. They involve standard safety procedures, like:

  • Locking your doors.
  • Securing your vehicle.
  • Parking in lighted areas or garaging your vehicle at home.
  • Hiding valuables inside the vehicle (don’t leave purses on the seat or expensive electronics in visible areas).
  • Tinting your windows, which helps to hide valuables inside.
  • Never leave your keys in the car.

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Technology is changing the way the world works. This includes the way large and small cities across the country and around the world are addressing their winter weather responses. By creating tools that allow cities to manage winter weather more effectively, technology is helping cities deliver faster responses and more effective management of snow, ice, and traffic. These are some of the tools and technology that are making real differences.

Smart Salt Spreaders

These nifty tools not only help spread salt more efficiently on city, state, and county roads, but also reduce salt consumption by 30 percent. This helps preserve roads, reduce rust, and save money while ensuring adequate coverage for roadways.

GPS Tracking for Snow Plows

GPS tracking not only improves safety for snow plows on the road in dangerous conditions. It also helps plan more efficient and effective routes ensuring that all major thoroughfares get the attention they require without using labor, salt, and/or fuel inefficiently.

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Law enforcement officers have important and dangerous jobs to do. The actions of a few law enforcement officers have placed all under greater scrutiny while strengthening the distrust between law enforcement and ordinary citizens in communities far and wide. Using GPS tracking for law enforcement vehicles, both marked and unmarked can go a long way toward healing the mistrust within the community while improving safety for the men and women who so bravely serve their communities.

Easy Identification/Authentication

While marked cars are easily identifiable, unmarked cars are intentionally difficult to identify as the vehicles of law enforcement officers. People, women drivers, especially, are often hesitant to pull over for vehicles that aren’t easily identifiable as law enforcement vehicles. GPS allows the location of vehicles to be easily tracked so a quick phone call to dispatch can confirm that it is, in fact, a police vehicle that is attempting to pull someone over.

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