NICB Releases Annual Auto Theft ‘Hot Spots’ Report: Here’s What You Need to Know

25 Jul 2018

Each year, the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) compiles a report about motor vehicle theft statistics. This information is detailed by locale, so it’s easy to identify hotspot locations that suffer from the greatest number of auto thefts. Car owners need to remain vigilant about their cars to ensure they don’t become a victim of vehicular theft.

On July 12, 2018, the NICB released the 2017 annual theft Hot Spots Report. The 2017’s Top Ten Car Theft Hot Spots are as follows:

  1. Albuquerque, New Mexico (9,989 motor vehicle thefts)
  2. Anchorage, Alaska (3,274)
  3. Pueblo, Colorado (1,353)
  4. Redding, California (1,352)
  5. St. Joseph, Missouri (952)
  6. Bakersfield, California (6,560)
  7. Modesto, California (3,870)
  8. Stockton-Lodi, California (4,575)
  9. Yuba City, California (1,050)
  10. Springfield, Missouri (2,686)

Insights from the 2017 Report

All data compiled is population-based, so the areas with fewer car thefts that rank higher on the list also have a smaller population. Both St. Joseph and Springfield, Missouri, are new to the top ten hot spot list this year.

Albuquerque, New Mexico, has maintained the top spot for the second year in a row. Five of the top ten hot spots are in the state of California. This newest data from 2017 indicates an overall drop in the prevalence of vehicle theft which has been decreasing since 1991.

Proactive Measures to Prevent Car Theft

The NICB attributes much of the reduction to an increase in the use of safety tips and security devices that prevent theft. The agency believes vehicular theft could be drastically reduced if more vehicle owners took heed of safety advice.

One significant advancement has been the introduction of “smart keys” that prevent drivers from leaving their keys inside the vehicle. It also deters drivers from leaving their car running, but these efforts are only relevant when the car driver practices mindfulness about their keys.

Another important measure that can help protect your vehicle is a GPS car tracking device / GPS vehicle tracker. While a GPS tracker won’t stop an ongoing theft, it can assist authorities in promptly locating your vehicle in the event it is stolen.

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