NICB Releases its 2017 Holiday Vehicle Theft Report

4 Dec 2018

The National Insurance Crime Bureau published its annual holiday vehicle theft report for last year on October 19, 2018. This report conveys statistics regarding automobile thefts throughout the nation on some of the nation’s most celebrated days.

The Holiday Vehicle Theft Report of 2017

This report covers holidays like Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, Independence Day, Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day, New Year’s Day and President’s Day. The report singles in on factors like the date the vehicle was stolen, the daily theft rate for each month, vehicle thefts on holidays and the states with the highest number of holiday thefts. Throughout the year, the NICB recorded around 2,228 auto thefts each day.

Surprisingly, when the information is broken up by months, December, November, May, April, March and February all have the lowest rates of thefts per day.

Vehicle thefts increase in the summer months and peak in July.

Christmas day is the holiday with the least amount of thefts followed by Christmas Eve, Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. The highest reported thefts on holidays is New Year’s Day followed by President’s Day and Memorial Day.

When broken down by state, it’s clear that California had the greatest number of incidents of holiday theft. Overall, the state had a total of 5,142 holiday automobile thefts last year. Texas, Florida, Washington and Georgia also made the top five list.

Benefits of a GPS Tracker for Your Vehicle

Researchers suggests that an automobile is stolen about every 20 seconds in the United States. Experts recommend a number of strategies to help combat vehicle theft and protect you from becoming the next victim.

One of the newest methods of protecting your property involves purchasing a global positioning system tracker for your car. GPS tracking for auto theft recovery helps locate your lost property, track down the would-be thief responsible for the crime, and prevent your car from being stripped down and sold for parts.

GPS tracking devices also have additional benefits like reducing insurance costs and deterring criminals.

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