NICB Recommends 4 Layers of Protection to Guard Against Vehicle Theft

3 Sep 2018

The National Insurance Crime Bureau is happy to report that data from 2017 reveals the prevalence of vehicular theft has continued to decline. The bureau suggests individuals who live in geographical hot spots for this type of crime should utilize four layers of protection to keep their property safe. As the layers of protection on your vehicle increase, the difficulty of stealing your car increases.

The Common-Sense Approach: This first level of protection doesn’t require a budget. Vehicle owners should protect their property by using common sense and remaining mindful about the potential for theft to occur. Basic safety tips should be followed such as parking in a well-lit area and securing your valuables out of view. Never leave your windows down. This practice only encourages car thieves who see an opportunity in your unsecured car. Make sure to lock your doors and bring your keys with you when you aren’t driving.

Warning Devices: An added layer of protection vehicle owners can use are warning devices. These devices are designed to trigger a visible or audible alert when someone is trying to illegally gain access to your vehicle. Many newer cars have alarms that will be triggered when someone tries to open a locked car. Brake locks, wheel locks and tire locks are all forms of warning devices. Visual identification marks, decals, etching or stickers can all help make your vehicle unique and identifiable on the road.

Immobilizing Devices: The third layer of protection suggested by the NICB is the utilization of immobilizing devices. These types of devices are designed to stop thieves from attempting to hot-wire the car or otherwise attempt to start the vehicle without the keys. Examples of immobilizing devices include kill switches, fuse cut-offs, smart keys and starter or fuel disablers. This third layer of protection is a bit more expensive, so car owners should only consider these options when they have the budget or they live in a high-theft area.

GPS Tracking Devices: Anyone who lives in a hot spot area should consider the benefits of equipping their vehicle with a GPS tracking device, the fourth layer of protection. A GPS tracker for cars can ping the vehicle’s exact location in the event it is stolen, so it greatly increases the likelihood that authorities will be able to recover your stolen car. More advanced versions of this technology allows for remote viewing of the car, and an instant notification when your car is on the move.

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