Metrolink Launches New Website Using GPS Tracking for its Trains

23 Oct 2017

The future is here and it is embracing the many benefits GPS tracking technology has to offer. Especially with entities, such as Metrolink, introducing the benefits GPS stands to offer to its customers.

What benefit does GPS tracking have to offer Metrolink customers?

For one, it allows passengers to track their trains in real time. This means they can make highly educated estimates about when trains will arrive at their destinations.

This is highly beneficial – not only to people waiting to catch trains, but also to people already on the train who are attempting to schedule meetings, plans, and Uber rides once they arrive at their destinations.

This isn’t only about the convenience of scheduling however, the move Metrolink is making is one designed to assist passengers who have embraced technology by making the scheduling and purchasing of tickets as simple as possible – even allowing these things to be done completely online or via mobile phone. All that is needed is for passengers to download the mobile app through Google Play or the App Store.

Don’t worry, though, while these conveniences are certainly attractive to many audiences, Metrolink will continue to offer traditional means for scheduling rides and purchasing tickets, while also making plans to accommodate future technology growth at the same time.

The use of GPS to track trains is an ideal way to improve customer service without adding to costs for customers. In fact, the use of GPS along with other high-tech tools makes riding the train an easier proposition than ever before.

Metrolink operates in Southern California, serving as a regional commuter rail service serving six counties via a 538-mile route network. It is the second busiest provider of public transportation in southern California and the third largest U.S. based commuter rail agency.

The commuter rail service provides seven different routes under the leadership of the Southern California Regional Rail Authority (SCRRA). The hope is that the move to real-time GPS tracking for passengers will help them grow to number one in directional route miles travelled (currently number three) as well as annual ridership (currently eighth largest).

GPS tracking cannot fix all the challenges commuter rail services today face, but it does go a long way toward reaching a younger passenger audience and appealing to more tech-savvy passengers and commuters throughout the Southern California area.

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