How GPS Fleet Tracking Helps You Audit Personal Use of Company Vehicles

23 Dec 2015

No business owner wants to believe that valued and trusted employees would abuse or misuse the trust placed in them by taking advantage of business vehicles for personal profit, use, or abuse. Unfortunately, it happens frequently enough that it’s a big problem for businesses today.

Employees use company vehicles for a wide variety of reasons including for moonlighting, representing themselves as being authorized by your company while conducting work on the side (placing a great deal of liability, not to mention your good name, on your plate), or simply to do things they don’t want to use their own vehicles for like towing boats, or other things that add wear and tear to the vehicle at your expense.

That doesn’t even include the fuel costs of these nocturnal excursions. GPS fleet tracking can help you put an end to these types of activities for the sake of your business, your reputation, and for keeping fuel costs under control – which may very well be the reason you began looking into GPS fleet tracking services to begin with.

There are two primary ways GPS fleet tracking can help you audit personal use of your business vehicles.

After Hour Alerts

You can set up your GPS fleet tracking system to alert you anytime the vehicles move a certain distance after hours. It’s likely that there will be times employees may need to reposition business vehicles in their own parking spaces at home. What you’re looking for is use of vehicles that involves a distance of more than a few feet. You’ll then receive an email any time the vehicle travels outside the designated perimeter after the close of business. Once you receive the email alert you can determine whether it’s a business call the vehicle is out on or if it’s something you should be concerned about.

24-Hour Vehicle Tracking

24-hour tracking allows you to click a few keys on the keyboard to determine where all fleet vehicles are at any time of the day. This is the perfect option for business owners who want to conduct random audits to ensure that vehicles are in their proper places. Of course, it works best when used in combination with email alerts. The alerts let you know when to be on the lookout and the ability to track the precise location of vehicles allows you the opportunity to take appropriate action when business vehicles are not where they should be and have no obvious reason for being elsewhere.

It’s important to trust your employees. Blindly trusting, though isn’t good for business. The old Russian saying, “Trust, but verify,” is a good one to live by when it comes to business today. GPS fleet tracking allows you to do just that.



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