How Air Conditioning Repair Companies Can Benefit from GPS Fleet Tracking

6 Jul 2015

Air conditioning repair in many states throughout the U.S. is a critical business – especially when the summer sun is scorching sidewalks and sending even the most devoted sun worshippers heading for shade and the cool comfort of air conditioning.

When that air conditioning fails, though, relief cannot come fast enough. That along is why air conditioning repair businesses need GPS tracking. These are all the ways GPS fleet tracking helps you help those hoping to beat the heat this summer.

Set Realistic Customer Expectations – And Meet Them

Knowing exactly where your trucks are and what jobs your drivers are working on at all times allows you to give your customers realistic expectations when the next truck will be available to solve their air conditioning needs.

Not only do customers appreciate this (who wants to sit home sweltering all day waiting for the air conditioning repair service to show up when they can be chilling at the community pool or in ice cream parlor instead?) because it allows them to plan their day accordingly, but it also prevents them from calling every five minutes asking when the AC service man is going to show up.

Effectively Track Employee Movement

Another benefit, from a business perspective, is that you are better able to track the movements of your employees when you have GPS tracking. This doesn’t only involve business hours, but after hours as well.

The last thing you need is to have an employee working off book on your equipment, with trucks bearing the name of your business, and doing work that could land your business is big liability trouble – not to mention potential damage to your good name and reputation.

During operating hours, though, GPS fleet tracking allows you to make sure your HVAC repair trucks are where they are supposed to be and that your repair service employees are staying on task and on target for the day. This helps you keep labor costs low for your business and your customers because GPS is a force watching over the shoulders of your employees when you can’t be there to do it yourself.

Cut Costs for Your AC Repair Business

Your trucks spend a lot of time on the road from one call to the next. GPS fleet tracking allows not only for efficient daily routing for routine or scheduled repair and maintenance, taking fuel consumption into account, but also more efficient emergency calls when they come in. This helps your business save money on fuel as well as on labor since your drivers are less likely to be sitting idle in traffic and more likely to be routed around the worst of it in order to conserve time and fuel.

Another cost that many air conditioning repair services experience that’s often unexpected is the record keeping cost benefits. It takes time to craft reports and accurate records of daily driver activities. At least, if you’re doing it all by hand and relying on the recollection of drivers to craft the reports. With GPS fleet tracking systems, the reports can be made with a few simple keystrokes at the end of the day saving hours of time and labor each week for your business.

Greater efficiency, easy monitoring, and fuel costs are just a few benefits GPS represents for air conditioning repair businesses. The only question to ask now, is what are you waiting for?

Are you a fleet manager for an air conditioning repair company? If so, and you aren’t using GPS fleet tracking, give us a call here at LiveView GPS to learn more.



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