GPS Tracking for Toolboxes

29 Dec 2017

In certain businesses and industry, your tools are essential. You can’t do the work without them. They also happen to be an incredible expense for most businesses – especially when they have a tendency to walk off the job site far too often.

Not only do they walk off in the hands of thieves, but sometimes on the belts or in the pockets of workers who’ve forgotten they’re wearing them and unintentionally gone home with them.  In some cases, they may have been taken intentionally, unfortunately.

It’s a clever idea to create a plan of action to protect your investment in costly business tools so that you can enjoy a much brighter bottom line without the need to consistently replace some of your more expensive tools. These are a few things you can do that will help make a difference.

Imprint Your Tools

Whether you choose to imprint them with the company logo, business name, or simply sketch your name into the tools with an etching tool, you can make sure that whomever walks off with them (if accidentally) knows where to return them and you’ve made them identifiable as your tools if someone steals them. This makes them less attractive to thieves looking to make a quick buck by selling them.

Keep them Locked Up

Locking your tools safely in a chest or box and having workers check them out (and responsible for returning them) can help you keep better track of your inventory of tools. It will take a little time for everyone to get accustomed to this practice but can save you many headaches and hassles in the future.

Use GPS Tracking for Your Most Expensive Tools

GPS tracking allows you to identify the precise location of the costly tools you are most interested in tracking. This means you can find them quickly and get back to work – even if the tools are simply misplaced somewhere on the worksite. Whatever tools you deem costly investments can be an excellent candidate for GPS tracking, including:

  • Press Tools
  • Automatic Levels
  • Drill Drivers
  • Reciprocating Saws

It really doesn’t even matter if the tool is expensive, if it is an essential tool that will cost your business money and time to replace if the tool is missing. Using GPS tracking for your tools isn’t only about preventing theft – or even accidental theft by employees – but can also be about making the work flow more efficiently too. This allows you to make more money in less time and spend less replacing lost, stolen, or misplaced tools.



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