GPS Tracking for Tack Trunks

18 Jul 2018

Tack trunks are part works of art and part workhorses in their own variety. They hold the gear, tack, and tools of the trade it takes to get your horses ready for whatever the day has in store. Some of them are substantial investments, costing hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Protecting that investment is a wise financial decision for any horse enthusiast, lover, or owner to make.

Unfortunately, tack trunks are major targets for thieves for a variety of reasons, including the following:

  • They’re convenient. They are often left unlocked, unattended, and ripe for the plucking by thieves looking for easy scores.
  • They’re valuable. Not only are many of the trunks valuable, but the equipment and gear they hold inside can set owners back a pretty penny.
  • They’re notoriously difficult to recover. Even if you find your tack trunk, the odds are good you can’t prove it’s yours. Unless you’ve made very specific markings on the trunk or registered it, or the items in the trunk, you may never be able to prove it was stolen.

The good news is there is something you can do that will turn the tides a little better in your favor to avoid tack trunk theft.  First, consider adopting these tips for making your tack trunk a less attractive target for thieves:

  • Lock your tack room. If you have a tack room, be sure it’s secure.
  • Lock your tack trunk. Whether it’s in your tack room or you’ve taken it on the road, this is yet another deterrent for thieves. Especially if you secure the lock around an immovable object and purchase a high-quality lock.
  • Lock trailers where tack trunks and other gear are stored. Do this in a manner that someone can’t simply back up and attach the trailer to their hitches driving off with your trailer and your tack trunk.
  • Register and/or mark your gear. This is about making your tack, tack trunks, and other gear easily identifiable as belonging to you. It’s been an effective tool in the cattle business for quite a while and continues to carry weight today.
  • Finally, invest in GPS tracking for your tack trunk. It might not prevent the theft of your trunk or equipment. But a GPS tracking device can certainly aid in its recovery. In fact, it offers real-time tracking benefits that might be critical in the recovery of your gear.

No plan is foolproof for preventing the theft of your tack and gear. These steps, however, will help you protect your investment and make your possessions a little less attractive to would-be tack trunk thieves of opportunity.

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