GPS Tracking for Skid Steers

5 Apr 2018

Skid steers are useful tools for a variety of purposes. These versatile pieces of equipment are essential for construction businesses, excavation businesses, landscaping businesses, and many others.

Skid loaders are also quite an investment. That is why you should consider GPS equipment tracking. To protect your investment.

Below you will find important benefits for using GPS asset tracking for your skid loaders and other construction equipment.

Reduces Theft or Catch Thieves in the Act

Skid steers and other industrial equipment are tempting targets for thieves, accounting for 62 thefts in 2010 in Calgary according to a CBC News report. One reason they are so attractive to thieves is the ease with which thieves can drive off with them. Many have universal keys. All someone needs to steal skid loaders and other construction machinery is a key that works with one and it will generally work with others of the same types.

GPS tracking for skid steers adds an important layer of security, making it easy to track stolen equipment in real time. This allows law enforcement to monitor the location and movements of your skid steer loader and other heavy equipment, so they can recovery it quickly.

Determines Usefulness of the Equipment

While skid steers are extremely versatile pieces of equipment, they are not a worthwhile investment for every type of business. In fact, some businesses will find them far more useful than others.

GPS asset tracking allows you to not only track the location of specific pieces of machinery, like your skid steers, but also how many hours you use your skid-steer loader. This will help you decide which pieces of equipment are worthwhile investments for your business and which ones you might wish to reconsider making in the future.

Ensures Accurate Billing

Many businesses charge for the labor of operating certain pieces of equipment as well as for the use of the equipment as well. GPS tracking for you skid steers means that you always have a record of the machinery used to backup your billing.

This helps you know you’re billing your customers properly (not to mention paying your own staff accordingly). It also helps to provide an added layer of proof if customers ever contest the bills they receive.

GPS tracking offers many benefits for monitoring the use of various assets and equipment for your business. Using it wisely goes far beyond economizing fuel usage and even recovering stolen items. It can transform the way you do business.

Do you own one or more skid steers or perhaps rent them? If so, call us here at LiveView GPS to learn more about the benefits of GPS tracking for skid steers. 1-888-544-0494



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