GPS Tracking for Race Car Haulers

16 Apr 2019

Race car haulers carry a lot of expensive materials around. Not only are you transporting the cars themselves, which aren’t exactly inexpensive. Most car haulers also carry a full complement of tools, tires, parts, and diagnostic equipment that might even eclipse the costs of the cars themselves.

GPS asset tracking for trailers can help you protect your investments in tools, equipment, and cars in more ways than you realize. Here are a few prime examples.

Offers Geofencing Capabilities with Alerts

With geofencing, you can receive instant notifications or “alerts” if your race car haulers deviate from their planned routes, move beyond a designated perimeter, or operate outside of designated operating hours. This helps you know, right away, if there might be something questionable going on with your car haulers or any tools and equipment that may be equipped with GPS asset tracking onboard.

Far too often, people do not even know a theft has occurred until several hours later when the parts and pieces could be broken down and sold for massive profits. GPS tracking with geofencing reduces that risk.

Real-Time Location Tracking

This is one of the most important features of GPS tracking for your race car haulers. It offers you real-time location tracking of your race car hauler, race cars, and expensive tools and equipment. Anything you have GPS tracking for. To facilitate faster recovery of your items if they are stolen.

Because you can locate your items, you can inform law enforcement of their exact location so they can recover your items before thieves have the opportunity to damage, destroy, or dismantle them – unless they are as speedy as the average NASCAR pit crew, that is.

Track Your Assets in Transit

Because race car haulers are constantly traversing the country moving from one track to the next, it is important to track where your assets are at any given time. This becomes more significant with the size of your team. Your haulers are carrying around sophisticated technologies, expensive tools and equipment, and attractive targets for your fans and fans of the other guys on the circuit.

GPS tracking allows you to track your items in transit so you can respond instantly if there are signs of trouble, such as unscheduled detours, sudden stops, and more. It also helps you create an effective estimated time of arrival so other assets and people can be in place to manage your cars, tools, and equipment upon arrival.

Few things offer the many benefits GPS tracking provides for race car haulers. Now is the perfect time to make this investment. If you’re a race car hauler and are thinking about getting a GPS tracking device but have questions, call us here at LiveViewGPS at 1-888-544-0494.

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